Margherita peak

Margherita peak
situation: East Africa
of countries: DR the Congo and Uganda
mountains: Ruwenzori mountains
height: 5,109 m over NN
Erstbesteigung: 1906
Ludwig Amadeus of Savoyen
characteristic 1: third-highest mountain in Africa
characteristic 2: off approx. 4,500 height that

5,109 m high Margherita peak or Mount Stanley the highest mountain in East Africa niches the Ruwenzori mountains and third-highest mountain of the continent are vergletschert. Over its summit the border of the democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda run.

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the rocky Margherita peak lies in the forest-rich and partly vergletscherten Ruwenzori mountains (on the there „Stanley plateau “), which are appropriate for about 40 km north the equator and directly east extremely elongated East Africa niches of the Grabenbruchs between the Albert lake in the north and the Eduard lake in the south.


although the Margherita peak in the tropical-hot regions lies, is it starting from 4.500 m height easily and starting from 4.800 over NN strongly vergletschert. Beside these glaciers are there above Firn - and snow fields, from which mountain rivers pour. Because of its slopes are wonderful mountain lakes and an extremely sumptuous vegetation, which change into its deeper regions into the jungle-like rain forest.

third-highest mountain of Africa

as already initially mentioned, represents the Margherita peak after the mountains in hundreds kilometers of far the mountain massifs of the Kilimandscharo and the Mount Kenya the third-highest collection of Africa lying east. This applies however then only if one ignores the 5,148 m high Mawenzi in the massif first mentioned.

Margherita and neighbour summit

  • Margherita peak (5,109 m)
its height one numbers partly also on 5.110 m, 5,119 m or 5,120 m; its summit is exactly on the border of the DR the Congo and Uganda
  • Alexandra (5,091 m) - DR the Congo
  • Albert (5,087 m) - DR the Congo


the Erstbesteigung succeeded to Ludwig Amadeus of Savoyen in the year 1906.


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