Margot Eskens

Margot Eskens (* 12. August 1936 in Düren) is a German hit singer, who celebrated mainly in the 1950er and 1960er years successes. Also to the turn of the century she is still frequent guest in television broadcasts.

As a dentist aid Margot Eskens participates 1954 in a Polydor - new generation competition, which she wins with the title “Moulin Rouge ”. That brings in a disk contract for it with Polydor and means fast success on the music market. Already in October 1955 she for the first time with the admission “I would like is noted heut ausgehn ” in the German hit parade and comes up to the third place. In the years 1956 and 1957 it can celebrate Tiritomba”, which sold themselves over 800.000 times, and “Cindy with the two Nummer-1-Titeln “oh Cindy ” their largest successes. Also several Duette with Silvio Francesco arrive good at the public. At most the plate of the two sells itself with the title “moonlight portion” in the year 1959.

The Krefelder producer and text poet briefly draws Feltz, with which Margot Eskens co-operates until 1961, responsible for these successes. To the completely large hits of the fifties the new producer team under Hans Bertram can not tie, but succeeds in the year 1962 with the song “a heart, that can one buy” considerable success. With this title Polydor Margot Eskens sends to the German Schlagerfestival. There Conny Froboess and Siw Malmkvist wins becomes second, but the third place goes at Margot Eskens.

Also 1964 are Margot Eskens with “mummy” again well in the business, place eight in the hit parades are noted. In the subsequent years it ranks then no longer among current hit star. Also the changes to the disk companies CBS and Columbia can be obtained no more successes. Only 1977 are it with “think not on tomorrow” again for two weeks in the German good lists represented. Margot Eskens ranks however among the sizes of star of the German hit scene. It is married with her manager Karl-Heinz Münchow.

Eskens sold altogether 40 million records and CD's since 1956.


heut ausgehn, 1955, 3 would like

  • record successes (titles, feature year, hit parade placement).
  • Tiritomba, 1956, 1.
  • Mamatschi, 1956, 9.
  • Cindy oh Cindy, 1957, 1.
  • Calypso Italiano, 1957, 9. (*)
  • Sky-blue serenade, 1958, 8. (*)
  • Moonlight portion, 1959, 5. (*)
  • Mummy, 1964, 8.
  • The life is beautiful, 1975
  • of the tree pleases 2005
(*) with Silvio Francesco

all titles on Polydor appeared.

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