Maria Anna Amalie of Hessen Homburg

with this article does not concern it the named-same “Marianne of Prussia “, a born princess of the Netherlands (1810-1883)

princess Marianne of Prussia, actually: Maria Anna Amalie of Hessen Homburg (* 13. October 1785 in bath Homburg before the height; † 14. April 1846 in Berlin) was a German noble one.


princess Marianne of Prussia was born 1785 as Maria Anna Amalie princess of Hessen Homburg. It was twelfths the child (and the sixth daughter) of land count Friedrich V. and his Mrs. Karoline of Hessen darmstadt, a daughter of the land count Ludwig IX. by Hessen darmstadt and Henriette Karoline of Pfalz Zweibrücken, the large land countess.

1804 married it Friedrich William Karl prince of Prussia (1783-1851), the brother of the king of Prussia Friedrich William III..

Out of the marriage the sons Adalbert ( 1811-1873) and Waldemar ( 1817-1849) and the daughters Elizabeth ( 1815-1885) went, since 1836 widow of the prince Karl William Ludwig from Hessen, nut/mother of the Grand Duke Ludwig IV., and Maria (1825-1889) as a wife of the king Maximilian II. by Bavaria out.

With queen Luise belonged to Marianne of Prussia of the “war party” against Napoleon . In March 1813 issued Marianne of Prussia the famous “call of the royal princesses to the women in the Prussian state” and created the “patriotic woman association”. Thus it became far beyond Berlin admits. Political Reformer such as baron of the stone, of hard mountain and the brothers Humboldt belonged to its correspondence partners. It was friendly with the poet Friedrich de la moth Fouqué and after the death of queen Luise the “roofridge lady” of the Prussian yard. Their social commitment was well-known, it worried later also about citizen of Berlin prison passenger and based in the citizen of Berlin quarter Pankow a children's home.

In the year 1845 Marianne visited for the last time its birth city bath Homburg. It died to 14. April 1846 at a “rheumatism-table-nervous” fever in Berlin.


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