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Maria Lassnig (* 8. September 1919 in Kappel at the Krappfeld, Austria) is a successful artist 20. Century, which found body feeling painting “a completely own specific expression with their „.

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work on ] lives the master class William Dachauer of the Viennese academy of the forming arts , which it, because one its works as „degenerate “classifies, 1943 again leave must. It leads its study with Ferdinand Andri and Harsh ore Boeckl away. To its diploma in the same year it returns 1945 to complaint ford . 1948 are this also the place of their first single exhibition, on which she shows „body consciousness designs “and small surreale figure compositions.

1951 pull it again to Vienna; a Paris - scholarship in the sameYear as well as a further stay 1952 bring it in contact with André Breton, Benjamin Péret, Gisèle and Paul Celan. Only 1954 return it to the academy of the forming arts and lock in the class Albert Paris Gütersloh their academic training.Together with Hollegha, Josef Mikl, Prachensky and Arnulf Rainer belongs it to the circle around Monsignore Otto wall, an art-interested clergyman and founder of the gallery next to pc. Stephan. A further important contact are the man of letters of the Viennese group of Friedrich Achleitner, manufacturing costs. Kind man, Gerhard praise and Oswald Viennese. Together with Arnulf Rainer is considered it as Begründerin of the informal painting in Austria.

Between 1961 and 1968 it predominantly lives high Körpergefühls Figurationen, which is however never issued in Paris and paints first body consciousness water colors as well as two meters. 1964 dieits nut/mother, death appears again and again in their pictures, depressions and a liver suffering loads her. Leaving decides to emigrate.

1968 refer it a studio in the East many situation in New York, where their work is rejected as “strand” and “morbide”. It visits a screen printing class inBrooklyn, it develop large sized silk screen printings, and 1970 an indication trick - for course at the School OF Visual kind. She buys a 16-mm-Filmkamera and manufactures first own films. Their graphic and cinematic work is shown in a large retrospective in the graphic collection Albertina in Vienna.A DAAD scholarship brings it 1978 to Berlin.

Only 1980 return it from the USA to Vienna and take over at the university for applied art a Professur for painting. Together with Valie export represents it Austria on the Biennale in Venice. 1982 create itin their master class of Austria only Lehrstudio for Trickfilm.

On documenta in Kassel works leaving are issued 1982 and 1997. In this period also numerous single exhibitions take place, thus in the museum 20. Century in Vienna, in the art museum Duesseldorf and the arts center Nuremberg, inthe Kärntner national gallery, the gallery hundred-one hundred in Cologne and the gallery Onnasch in Berlin, in the art museum Luzern, starting from the 1990er years then also in Paris, New York, the Hague, Frankfurt/Main, Zurich, Munich and Rome.

To 18. February 2004 receives it for its “unusual contribution to the contemporary painting” the max Beckmann price of the city Frankfurt endowed highly with 50.000 euro. With every three years the assigned honor are appreciated outstanding achievements in painting , graphics , sculpture and architecture.


After surrealistischen beginnings leaving is coining/shaping in the 1950er years for the again arising Informel in Austria. Characteristic for their extensive work are however the body feeling pictures, with which it separates perfectly in the course of the years from stylistic obligations and models. The topic body- Physicalness - body feeling is worked on today by many artists; Leaving is very early reflected and straight also with its painting the female position in the world of art and in the society one first, those the influence of the female body on life draft and biography of oneArtist drastically and openly explains.
Their means is the classical painting, a Figuration without simple realistic illustration - leaving paints the subject, not the object. Like that again and again Selbstportraits, enriched with surrealen elements, are the one strange and completely specific Schwebe between proximity andStrangeness produce.

The early still life with

  • red Selbstportrait is exemplary 1969

the Selbstportrait is to a large red mouth is reduced and can both for food intake and for erotism stand. Perhaps a critical answer to the then current Pop kind.

In the course of the yearsbecome ever more drastic their Selbstbildnisse, them paint themselves than Knödel or than calculating machine.

  • Siencefiction Selbstporträt, 1980, oil on canvas 76 x 64 cm

of films

CHAIRS (1971), 16 mm, color, clay/tone, 4 minutes; to music chairs induce themselves such as humans
SELFPORTRAIT (1971),16 mm, color, clay/tone, 5 minutes; Life review in the indication trick, received the New York State Council to 1972 - price
COUPLES (1972), 16 mm of color, clay/tone, 10 minutes; at the telephone and in bed a leader and a victim speak with one another: “You helped me, you made me strong- however you cannot accuse anything to me; who loves so blindly, pays with death. “
SHAPES (1972), 16 mm, color, clay/tone, 10 minutes; human silhouettes move after music of brook
PALMISTRY (1973), 16 mm, color, clay/tone, 10 minutes; A. a thick girl refuses,to become thin, in order to please men; B. the first time, C. with the hand reader: a confrontation of terrible superstition and terrible science
KIND EDUCATION (1976), 16 mm, color, clay/tone, 16 minutes; toolistic interpretation of famous paintings of among other things Michelangelo, sea
MARIA leaving KANTATE (1992), 35 mm,Color, clay/tone, 8 minutes; Idea, text, singing, design, animation Maria Lassnig, Produktion stroke ore Sielecki: “It is the art jaja, makes me ever younger, it makes the spirit only hungry and then full! ”

own publications

“no defense”, communist manifesto to the exhibition “Unfigurative painting”,Complaint ford, 1951
“mark prescriptions”, catalog gallery pc. Stephan, Vienna, 1960
“Chances for creative ones”, minutes 68, Vienna, 1968
“Over the headnesses, to the line pictures, newer pictures, biography”, Monographie to the exhibition, knight publishing house, complaint ford, 1985
“Land people”, 80 sides, 32 color illustrations, linen, knight publishing house complaint ford, 2004, ISBN 3-85415-355-4



  • Silke Andrea Schuemmer: “once from the outside, then from the inside”. The constitution of the Ichs in the Selbstportraits Maria Lassnigs, their bildnerische conversion of feelings andFeelings and the question about the transferability of the literary term of the “internal Monologs” on Selbstbildnisse. Thesis to the RWTH Aachen, 2002 (Web left for complete thesis in the pdf - format)

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