Maria Riva

Maria Elisabeth Sieber, married Riva (* 13. December 1924 in Berlin) is the only daughter and bio countess of the film goddess Marlene Dietrich.

11.11.2005 Maria Riva in Berlin bei der Buchpräsentation MARLENE DIETRICH Nachtgedanken
In recent years the daughter of the film producer Rudolf Sieber and

the actress Marlene Dietrich already turned out for 11.11.2005 Maria Riva in Berlin with the book presentation MARLENE DIETRICH night thought in contact with the Showbusiness. Thus it divided in the film the scarlet empress (1934) with its nut/mother the title part: While it embodied Katharina the large one as a child, Marlene Dietrich represented it as an adult. Also in other films she took over small roles (e.g. In the garden Allahs). Maria Riva did not become a professional actress nevertheless, although she remained present as a daughter Marlene Dietrich in the public and often appeared as a guest in television broadcasts. 1988 transferred it their last cinema role to Bill Murrays of thickening - Parodie the spirit, which I called.

1992 published it a Biografie of their nut/mother, that appeared on German to Marlene under the title my nut/mother also.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1934 the scarlet empress (The Scarlett Empress)
  • 1936 the garden Allahs (The guards OF Allah)
  • 1988 the spirit, which I called (Scrooged)

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