Maria Zanders

Maria Zanders auf einem Pastell von Carl Flamm um 1902

Maria Zanders (* 9. March 1839 in Hückeswagen; † 6. December 1904) was an important culture foundress of the Bergi country.

Maria Zanders' birth house is located in the market route in Hückeswagen. She was the daughter of the cloth manufacturer married couple Julius and Charlotte Johanny. However it was educated in a distinguished Düsseldorfer Pensionat.

She married 1922 at the age of 18 years the paper manufacturer Carl smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Zanders from Bergisch Gladbach. After the death of its man - it left three small children - 1870 1873 to 1874 for it a house were established, which is called today in Bergisch Gladbach Maria Zanders house. In their hospitable house important artists and scholar, among them the composer max break, operated the painter Carl Ludwig driving brook and the Grafikerin Alexe Altenkirch. Their birth house stands in Hückeswagen, at which likewise a Gedenktafel is attached.

Maria Zanders is the Begründerin of the Altenberger cathedral of association. It contributed thereby considerably to the receipt of the cathedral in old person mountain in Odenthal . In a call of 13. November 1893 turned it to far parts of the population of the Bergi country to reorganize the cathedral. To 20. July 1894 created it then the association.


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