Maria von Burgund

Maria von Burgund
Maria von Burgund
Maria von Burgund
Maria von Burgund

Maria von Burgund (* 13. February 1457 in Brussels; † 27. March 1482 in Brügge) was duchess of Burgund (starting from 1477) and hereditary daughter duke of Karl of the bold one of Burgund.


Maria von Burgund became to 13. February 1457 in Brussels born. After the death of their father in the battle of Nancy to 5. January 1477 against the Frenchmen inherited Maria the Burgundi realm of their father, to except the duchy Burgund also the Netherlands (And others) belonged to Flanders , Brabant , Luxembourg, Holland. In order finances and troops for their fight against the Frenchmen too received, granted Maria at the 11. February 1477 the Netherlands the large privilege, in which it guaranteed the right to self-government. In August 1477 she marriedagainst the will of the conditions Maximilian of Austria, the later emperor Maximilian I. For this choice that earliest was to be thought capable of to him, itself against king Ludwig was crucial intersperse, which already stretched its hand after the burgundischen inheritance. After a fall of the horsemaria at an abortion died. With their death to 27. March 1482 in Brügge fell their inheritance to the house having castle, which led to lengthy and heavy conflicts with France. Their successor in the Netherlands became its son Philipp the beautiful one.

Maximilian I. und seine Gattin Maria von Burgund
Maximilian I.and his wife Maria von Burgund

of time life was accepted only it of the conditions of the Netherlands as a national lady.

It is considered as one of the most beautiful women of its time and Maximilian is their death of time life not quite wound to have.

A narration over Maximilians advertisement and bride travel is given change in the Theuerdank in form verse pos by it.


von Burgund emperor Maximilian I. married descendants.

von Burgund falls


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