Marian Christow

Marian Hristov (Bulgarian МариянХристов, English. Transkription: Marian Hristov; * 29. July 1973 in offering EEC wheel, Bulgaria) is a Bulgarian football national player.

Its career began in Bulgaria with the Balkans offering EEC wheel. Further stations Christows were Slawia Sofia and Lewski Sofia, before it 1997 into the Pfalz to the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern changed. Apart from so far 146 plays for Lauterns Erstligamannschaft he was used also - following heavy injuries - in the amateur team of the FCK. In the federal league Christow was so far (June 2004) 26-mal successful as a goal scorer. Since the season 2004/05 it plays for the VfL wolf castle.


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