Marian Spychalski

Marian Spychalski (* 6. December 1906 in Łódź, † 7. June 1980 in Warsaw) was a Polish politician. Originating from a worker family it locked 1931 its study at the technical university in Warsaw and became an architect. In the same year it joined the Polish communist party (KPP). In the future he worked as renowned town planners in floats and Warsaw. During the Second World War it fought in the communist underground, occasionally was it a boss of the general staff of the Polish army. Until 1949 it belonged both to the Politbüro and the ZK . He was a deputy Secretary of Defense at the same time and deputy Commanders-in-Chief of the armed forces. In connection with the fall Gomułkas because of “right-nationalistic deviation” was entmachtet also Spychalski, relieved of all functions and arrested 1950. Against it and other looking process desired and with the return Gomułkas never came off to power in the year 1956 also Spychalski was rehabilitated. It returned to its previous offices and functions and became in November 1956 even Secretary of Defense of Poland. 1963 he (when last poles) was raised into the rank of a marshal. In connection with the anti-Semitic campaign of the yearly 1968 one pushed Spychalski off onto the representative position of the chairman of the Council of State (“president”) of Poland (until 1970). 1972 he withdrew himself from the political life.


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