Marianna Martines

Marianna Martines (* 4. May 1744 in Vienna; † 13. December 1812 ebd.) was a Austrian Komponistin, Cembalistin and a singer.

She was the daughter of Maria Theresia Martines and Nicolò Martines, which was a Neapolitaner of Spanish origin and ceremony master in Vienna. It was struck by empress Maria Theresia to the knight. Marianna had probably nine brothers and sisters, from whom however four already died in the infancy. Four brothers and a sister remained.

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education and promotion in the music, in addition, in languages and literature, received it by the dear savingists and Italian poet Abbate Pietro Metastasio (1698-1782), the yard poet among emperors Karl VI. was. Metastasio came as a friend of Mariannas father into the house and lived also at the family. He taught only representatives of the Italian school and kept her away from representatives of the Viennese classical period . Possibly it prevented even the pressure of its works and acted thereby out of jealousy.

The Italian opera composer and singing teacher Nicola Antonio Porpora trained her during his vienna stay (1752-1757) as a singer and probably also as a Komponistin. Exactly the same as Metastasio also he lived in the same house. Porpora was admits for its Virtuosentum in the Italian air.

It received further composition instruction with Giuseppe Bonno and Johann Adolf hate. Piano instruction got it since their 10. Lebensjahr by the young Joseph Haydn. At the beginning of this training Marianna Martines is to have played however already outstanding. Haydn lived likewise in the same house and gave it daily against free food instruction.

as 17jährige,

it appears to activities as a Komponistin 1761, for the first time as a Komponistin. One of their fairs became in the Viennese yard church pc. Michael specified. This found general acknowledgment. 1760/71 dispatched it to the renowned composer and music theoretician Padre Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-1784) some their compositions, which quite positively judged its works. Its Klaviersonaten E major and A major was published 1762 and 1765 in a Anthologie of the music publisher Johann Ulrich Haffner (1711-1767). This was considered as important quality proof. Their only publications remained during lifetimes.

1773 were taken up it to the Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna. The supervisor of these Accademia was Martini. It was a high honor there to be taken up because only the few and only very good composers this was gegönnt. In order to these 1666 created academy to be taken up, one had an examination before a mehrköpfigen jury placing. A task was thereby z. B. the arrangement anti-phons for four voices. In the evaluation particularly „the delicateness, the genius was emphasized [...] [and] the amazing precision [...] their composition “.

Soon thereafter Marianna Martines is likewise taken up to the clay/tone artist partnership. This gave it the opportunity for the performance of different compositions. Marianna Martines attached already early contacts to important personalities in politics, culture and society by its father and Metastasio. It sang and played quite often at the imperial yard on invitation of the empress Maria Theresia. It at least once weekly gave musical Soireen in its house. To it considerable personalities took such as z. B. Joseph Haydn or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with whom it some compositions four-handle played, part. Their perhaps most famous work „Isacco figura del talking gates “wrote it 1782. This was specified with large success by the clay/tone artist partnership.

old age

to 12. April 1782 dies Metastasio. Its fortune falls to brothers and sisters Martines. 1790 open it a singing school in Vienna for young girls. Out of it z went. B. the famous singer Therese von Dürfeld (1769-1795) out. Such a mechanism was very rare for the German-speaking countries.

In the year 1800 she married the clearly younger Swiss painter Theodor wolf (1770-1818).

To 13. December 1812 died Marianna Martines at the age from 68 years on the Tuberkulose. Only some days before their three years younger sister Antonia had very suddenly deceased. She was a very close companion Mariannas, occasionally perhaps even their only. Their death shifted it in deep mourning and pain, which caused then probably its imminent death. Their fortune was given to its man Theodor wolf.


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