Marianne Hold

Marianne Hold (* 15. May 1933 in Johannisburg, East Prussia; † 11. September 1994 in Lugano; actually Marianne white) was a German actress.


Marianne Hold had to flee briefly before end of war with its nut/mother to Innsbruck, to who father was considered as missed. Their nut/mother married again and her went to disputes with her stepfather to Rome, where she works first as a domestic help and later than female assistant in a Schnittstudio.

Their first larger role received Marianne Hold from Luis Trenker in duel in the mountains (1950). 1956 succeed to her with the Fischerin of the Bodensee the break-through. Beside further homeland films she was occupied also with the main role in… like once lily Marleen (1956). With the turning work to diamond hell at the Mekong (1964) learns it their married man, who English-Australian actor Frederick Stafford (actually Friedrich Strobel of stone). After the Schut (1964) and the birth of its son Roderick Stafford (* 4. December 1964) withdraws itself it from the film business.

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