Marianne Mendt

Marianne Mendt (* 29. September 1945 in Vienna as Marianne Krupicka) is a Austrian singer and actress.

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Mendt got private lessons in the classical singing as a child and enjoyed six years piano instruction. After the professional school she worked at a detergent company, followed her appointment then however nevertheless. After training as a jazz singer it tingelte with its volumes “The Internationals” as singer and Bassistin across Europe. 1970 returned it to Vienna and by Gerhard Bronner were discovered.

1971 represented it Austria in Dublin with Eurovision the Song Contest. With its song “music” reached it however only the 16. Place.

Admits became Marianne Mendt with its songs in Viennese dialect, which they made the Wegbereiterin of the Austropop.

Apart from its singing career it played at the Viennese Raimundtheater and at the theatre in the Josefstadt.

It started at the 1. November 2004 in the Viennese window blind a new generation competition “Take Your chance “, these becomes to 13. May 2005 in Dornbirn terminates. Parallel to it organized it a Jazzfestival. This 1.MM-Jazzfestival becomes of 14. to 18. September 2005 in pc. Polarized take place with participants such as Peter Wolf, Upper Austrian bending volume, Lungau bend volume, Karl Ratzer, Richie Austrian and Viktor Gernot.

In June 2005 Mrs. Mendt for new CD goes into the Studio.


acquaintance of songs

  • Berlin - 1981
  • come, old Pianospieler
  • property of songs are like pistols - 1972
  • music - 1971
  • Wia A Glockn - 1970


  • 1994 “Momendt”
  • 1997 “jazz Mendt live one”
  • 2000 “friends and prophet” to the 30-jährigen anniversary
  • 2003 “Momendts”

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