Mariano Puerta

Mariano Puerta (* 19. September 1978 in Buenos Aires) is an Argentine tennis player.

Puerta is since 1995 professional players. In its career it won so far three ATP - tournaments, all on sand: Palermo (1998), Bogota (2000) and Casablanca (2005).

After the income could be proven to it by Clenbuterol, Puerta became closed 2003 for nine months. The clear Gewichtszunahme in this time brought in the pointed name for it „el gordo “(the thickness).

In June 2005 it reached final with the French open its first Grand Slam -. Like the French sport newspaper L´Equipe however to 5. October reported, is Puerta on Etilefrin to have been positively tested also there. Mariano Puerta became to 21. December 2005 for eight years closed. Its career is thus practically terminated.


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