Marie Juchacz

Marie Juchacz (* 15. March 1879 in Landsberg to the Warthe, † 28. January 1956 in Duesseldorf; native Gohlke) was a German Sozialreformerin, social-democracies and a Frauenrechtlerin.

1917 transferred her Friedrich Ebert the woman secretariatin the executive committee of the SPD. To 19. February 1919 held it as a first Mrs. a speech before that for Weimar national assembly. Juchacz belonged to the “committee as an only woman to the Vorberatung of the draft of a condition of the German Reich” of the national assembly.Her sister Elizabeth Röhl was likewise SPD delegate in the national assembly.

Marie Juchacz created the workers' welfare institution ( AWO ) in December 1919 and was to 1933 their first chairman.

From 1922 to your emigration 1933 it belonged to the German Reichstag(Weimar Republic) on. 1949 returned you from its exile in the USA to Germany .

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