Marie Taglioni

Marie Taglioni (lithography of Josef Kriehuber, Vienna 1853)

Marie Taglioni (* 23. April 1804 in Stockholm, Sweden; † 22. April 1884 in Marseille) was an Italian dancer.

Marie Taglioni was the first star of the romantic Balletts. It is considered as a first Meisterin of the point dance. Their world career took their beginning, when 1832 at that arose to Paris opera in the ballet La Sylphide. The Choreograf of the piece was its father, Filippo Taglioni.

Marie Taglioni left Paris Opera clenches 1837 and went to sank Petersburg to the Mariinski ballet.

1847 sat down it as a dancer to the peace, continued working however as a dance teacher. Her brother Paul Taglioni was likewise a famous dancer, as well as ballet master royal ballet troop in Berlin.


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