Marie Versini

Marie Versini (* 10. August 1940 in Paris, France) is a French actress.

Marie Versini (Nscho-tschi) und Pierre Brice (Winnetou) 2005 in Luzern
Marie Versini (Nscho tschi) and Pierre Brice (Winnetou) 2005 in Luzern

famous became it as Nscho tschi in Winnetou 1. Part (1963) of Harald Reinl. It still played in four further Karl May films with: in the Schut (1964), by the wild Kurdistan (1965), in the realm of the silver lion (1965) and in Winnetou and its friend old Firehand (1966) (there again as “Nscho tschi”). Further productions, in those it was the Abenteuerklamotten participated “in the temple of the white elephant “(1963) and” the 13 slaves of the Dr. Fu one Chu “(1966). From better quality the film was “password heron “(1964). Attention excites the TV-adaptation of William Shakespeares summer eight-dream in the production of Jean Christophe Averty (“Le songe d'une nuit d'été”) in France 1969, in which she appears as Hippolyta.

In France and others as Claire Morandat in burns Paris? admits, works it frequently in Germany. Into the 80's inside it participated still ain television productions, so for instance in the series of Sergeant Berry (1973/74), in aunt Emma (1980) and into the beautiful Wilhelmine (1985).

1974 married the actress the writer and director Pierre Valet. With it she spends her life mostly on the Atlantic island Ré, occasionally also in Paris. It is Korsin.


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