Marius Ebbers

Marius Ebbers (* 4. January 1978 in meals) is a German football player.

Marius Ebbers is a Stürmer, in the 2. Federal league and in the lower leagues the title of a gate hunter earned. In the 1. It had federal league less success.

After it had begun as six-year one with Prussia Steele with that soccer games, got the SG already cotton wool-separate 09 it with eight years into its new generation crew. With fifteen it left the SG and changed to ETB black-and-white meal. Three years later it went to the MSV Duisburg, where it also received then its first professional employments. In the year 2000 it went back to cotton wool-separates, where it obtained 14 gates in the regional league north in 17 plays. After the knot of the gate hunter had burst, the Duisburger got it twelve months after it it go had let again to itself back. It became the feared gate hunter also there. This again made the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne hellhörig. it went to 2003 to the club on the Rhine. Always torgefährlich, he could nevertheless never convince its coaches in Cologne by hundred percent of itself. Before beginning of the season 2005/06 it changed to the Alemannia Aachen, which is started into the season with ascent ambitions. The fact that the 1. Fiber plastic Cologne with Peter Madsen and Imre Szabics of two new aggressors obligated, let its chances on a master place sink, which caused it to the change.



  • 2. Federal league
    of 78 plays; 32 gates MSV Duisburg
    of 31 plays; 9 gates 1. Fiber plastic Cologne
    of 22 plays; 11 gates Alemannia Aachen (conditions: 9. April 2006)
  • Regional league north
    of 17 plays; 14 gates SG cotton wool-separate 09
    2 plays; 1 gate 1. Fiber plastic Cologne
  • DFB cup
    of 5 plays; 2 gates 1. Fiber plastic Cologne
    of 2 plays; 1 gate Alemannia Aachen


  • 2005 ascent into the 1. Federal league


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