Marks of Hoppus

Blink 182 (Mark Hoppus 2.v.r.)
flash 182 (Marks of Hoppus 2.v.r.)

Markus Allan Hoppus (* 15. March 1972 in Ridgecrest, California, the USA) is bassist and singer of the US-American Punk - volume blink-182, which created 1999 with the album Enema OF The State and the single universe The Small Things the international break-through.

Mark of Hoppus is married with Skyelene Everly and has a son, Jack. He became acquainted with his wife with the video trick of universe The Small Things . In addition Hoppus has 3 dogs, Atticus, Ahi and Cheeseburger.

Its sister Anne Hoppus presented 1992 Tom DeLonge to him . They wanted to create both volume, had however difficulties to find volume members. Already with their first meeting Hoppus and DeLonge wrote the Song Carousel. Together they created the volume blink-182.

Mark of Hoppus prefers Fender - basses (usually in unusual colors such as Pink or door gravel (Lettus)). Admits particularly is the Mark Hoppus Signature bass of Fender: A combination of a jazz bass - Korpus with Precision bass - Pickups and a Precision bass neck.

Hoppus was bassist and singer in the Skatepunk volume blink-182, until this decided after 13 years to insert a break on indefinite time. There are still no plans for a Reunion. Hoppus remained for the Punk skirt faithful and several Featurings with volume like among other things simple ones plan, Mae and Motion town center sound TRACK made. In addition it produced several albums other volume (z. B. Motion town center sound TRACK, Less Than Jake, Mae, incoming goods of acres The Fury, Something For Rockets).

Further Hoppus produces the Podcast rear My name Is Mark, which appears every 2 weeks and over to millions listener has. Hoppus presents therein new of volume, interviewt to musicians and reports of his life. The Podcast is gehostet by the television station Fuse. Hoppus has an account since short also with Myspace, by which him fans of comments and enamels to write to be able and it their volume to present be able.

Hoppus possesses the mode labels Atticus and Macbeth as well as the Internetshop Loserkids together with Tom DeLonge.


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