Mark of Lasarewitsch Gallai

Mark of Lasarewitsch Gallai (Russian МаркЛазаревичГаллай; * 3. /16. April 1914 in sank Petersburg; † 14. June 1998 in Moscow) was a Soviet test pilot and engineer.

Gallai studied in Luftfahrtinstitut in Leningrad. Already early it was interested in airplanes. It acquired the license for sail flies and the parachuting. 1936 it locked its study and changed 1937 to the ZAGI, where it was busy as an attempt pilot.

During the Second World War Gallai fought first as a pilot and then as a commander against the German invaders. It did not have to be replaced in the long run at this time as a test pilot at the LII and therefore to the fighting was taken out.

Gallai is considered to at least 124 different types of aircraft as an ingenious pilot, it flew up to the end of its active career 1957. The types of aircraft were expressed different, from the helicopter to the heavy bomber and from the glider to the rocket interceptor. It received the title as one of the first Soviet pilots earned test pilot.

For the end of its career it was distinguished 1957 as a hero of the Soviet Union.

Mark Gallai (ganz rechts) als Testpilot des ZAGI
Mark of Gallai (completely right) as a test pilot of the ZAGI

Gallai carried the military rank Colonel. It published over 20 scientific papers and two books.


  • Mark of L. Gallai: Over invisible barriers - memories of a test pilot, military publishing house Berlin 1978

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