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Marks of Rothko (* 25. September 1903 as Marcus Rothkowitz in Daugavpils (German: Dünaburg), Latvia - † 25. February 1970 in New York) was a Russian-American painter.

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Vita and models

Marcus Rothkowitz 1903 were born as a fourth child of the Jewish pharmacist Jacob and his Mrs. Anna Goldin Rothkowitz in the Russian Dwinsk, the today lettischen Daugavpils. Because of the numerous anti-Semitic Pogrome in the Zarenreich its family decided to emigrate into the USA. Since 1913 lived Rothko first in haven country, Oregon, later, after a scarcely two-year, final study to the Yale University, in the art metropolis New York, where he accepted 1938 the American nationality. In January 1940 it changed its names and called themselves from now onRothko. It was affected first particularly by the European Surrealismus of a max Ernst or Yves Tanguy. But also the artistic work of its model Henri Matisse left clear traces in its work. A well-known picture Rothkos carries characteristically the title Homage ton of Matisse (1953). Since thenit was sold in November 2005 on an auction for 22.5 million dollar, is considered it as the most expensive postwar work of art world-wide.


with its Hauptwerk developing starting from 1949 belongs Mark to Rothko to the most important representatives of the abstract expressionism and the colour field painting, thoseconsiderably by it one coined/shaped. Rothko is particularly admits by its large sized Ölgemälde with stacked, blurred, monochromen color surfaces. Some of these works reach a height of over 300 cm. Rothko had exact conceptions concerning hanging and lighting (in rather dark areas) and recommended, the paintingsto regard from about 45 cm distance. A central request of its works is the intensive viewer picture relationship, which is not to be achieved by one purely on the effect of the color aligned, figurative painting. He already formulated 1947: “A picture lives by the society of a sensitive viewer,in its consciousness it unfolds and grows. It dies, if this community is missing. Therefore it is a daring and feelingless venture to send a picture into the world. “Rothko nearly never commentated its own work and rejected in particular after 1950 each interpretatorischen reference.Instead it admitted: “Pictures must be mysterious. ”

Short before the freiwilligen death of the artist in the year 1970 decided would do Gallery in London, a its own, to install permanent Rothko Room. A large collection in the German-speaking countries is in the Fondation Beyeler in Riehen to visit with Basel.


  • 1903 Marcus Rothkowitz is born in Dwinsk (Russia)
  • 1912-1913 emigration of the family to New York
  • 1913 removal to haven country (Oregon)
  • 1921-1923 attendance of the Yale University
  • 1923 removal to New York
  • 1924-1927 play instruction and study of the paintingMax webers
  • 1929 beginning of the training activity to the centers Academy OF the Brooklyn Jewish center
  • 1932 marriage with Edith Sachar
  • 1934 initial member of the Artists union in New York
  • 1935 establishment of the independent group of artists of “The Ten”
  • 1945 marriage with Mell Beistle
  • 1950 birth of the daughter Kate
  • 1950 five-month journey to France, Italy, England
  • 1951 admission of the training activity at the Brooklyn college
  • 1954 Sidney Janis Gallery Duncan Phillips's works 1958
  • order for the restaurant “Four Seasons”
  • in the Seagram Building 1959 journey to Europe 1960 with Rothko together 1956
  • first purchases by
  • the collecting tankPermanent Rothko Room in the Phillips Collection, Washington, D.C.
  • 1961-1962 order for murals in the Harvard University
  • 1963 Marlborough Fine kind Gallery transfer the agency Rothkos
    birth of the son Christopher
  • 1964 order for the Rothko chapel to Houston of Dominique de Menil
  • 1968 Rothko gotten sickheavily.
  • 1969 separation from his Mrs. Mell
    mechanism of the Marks of Rothko Foundation
  • 1970 free death to 25. February
    opening of the Rothko Rooms in would do Gallery
  • 1971 completion of the Rothko Chapel in Houston

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