Marko Jarić

Marko Jarić, (cyrillic МаркоЈарић; * 12. October 1978 in Belgrade) is a Serbian basketball player, who at present plays basketball Association (NBA ) in that national. It possesses a contract since 2005 with the Minnesota Timberwolves, before was active it with Los Angeles the Clippers. He is the son of Srećko Jarić. Srećko is regarded as one of the largest international basketball players.

national team

its debut gave Marko Jarić in the world championship 1998 in Athens, where it got the gold medal also with the national team. At the EM 2001 in Turkey they got the EM-title. With the world championship 2002 in Indianapolis Jarić got for the second time the world championship title with the Serbian coach Svetislav Pesić and the national team. With the European championship 2005 in the own country they failed in the quarter final because of France with 71:74.

World championships:

  • Gold - 1998, 2002

European championship:

  • Gold - associations
its career it


2001 [work on] with the KK red star Belgrade. After 6 years it changed 2002 to national for basketball the Association (NBA) to Los Angeles the Clippers. 3 years spent he with Los Angeles the Clippers, until then 2005 obligated the Minnesota Timberwolves to him. It possesses a contract until 2009.

Club country of to
KK red star Belgrade Serbien und Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro 1996-1997 2001-2002
Los Angeles Clippers Vereinigte Staaten United States 2001-2002 2004-2005
Minnesota Timberwolves Vereinigte Staaten United States 2004-2005 2008-2009


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