Markus Majowski

Markus Majowski (* 29. April 1964 in Berlin) is a German actor and Komiker.

The son of a Cellisten of the citizens of Berlin Philharmonics completed the play school of Else Bongers in Berlin from 1983 to 1987, where he gave also his theatre debut. It made also singing training parallel. Although Majowski is active since 1990 in film and television, he became for a broad public only by the commercial television a firm size: Since 1997 it embodied the friendly and humorous salesman T in numerous Spots of the German Telekom. Neumann.

Whereupon above all roles in the amusing subject followed, are it in the television (Hölli neighbours) or in the film (7 dwarves), in addition, tragic (the red mile) or serious roles (as an assistant of scene - commissioner Brinkmann). Since 2002 are Majowski besides beside Ralf Schmitz and Mirja SOWS gust in . 1 Comedy - to see series the dreisten three.

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