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Markus notice (* 15. March 1962 in Kaiserslautern) is a German football arbitrator. For spring 2004 with (at that time) 242 portions he is a record arbitrator of the soccer federal league. Since 1992 it is FIFA - arbitrators. He was selected three times to the world arbitrator of the yearly.

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employments with important plays

its first soccer federal league - play led notices in the year 1988 between VfL Bochum and Bavarian Uerdingen (1: 1), 1993 he whistled DFB cup - the final between Bavarian Leverkusen and the amateurs of Hertha BSC Berlin, 1997 the final game in the European Cup of the Cup winners between of Paris pc. Germain and the fiber plastic Barcelona (1: 0), 2000 its first EM-play between Belgium and Sweden (2: 1), 2002 a first WM-play between Japan and Russia, 2003 the final of the champions League between Juventus Turin and the AC Milan as well as to 4. July 2004 the final game of the European championship between hosts Portugal and Greece (0: 1).

employments with tournaments

1992 was notice as an arbitrator with the olympic plays in Barcelona actively, however after a play, with which he had distributed many yellow and red maps unusually, again home one sent.

In the year 2000 he was an arbitrator with the European championship in Belgium and the Netherlands and led there three portions.

2002 was it with the world championship in Korea and Japan with two plays in the use.

With the European championship 2004 in Portugal the two Vorrundenpartien France - England and Denmark - stood for Sweden under its line. Of the UEFA became it - already mentions above as - with the final game of the European championship between Portugal and Greece in Lisbon entrusts. Notice is thereby only a second German arbitrator (after Rudi Glöckner (GDR) 1970), who the honour assign became to lead the final game of a world or an European championship. As assistants thereby January Hendrik Salver and Christian Schräer stood for it to the side.


notice because of his outstanding sporty achievements from the DFB to the arbitrator of the play years 1994/95, 1995/96, 1999/2000, 2002/03 and 2003/04 one appointed.

In the years 2004, 2005 and 2006 he was gekürt by specialists from 81 countries to the world arbitrator of the yearly.

To 21. March 2005 received notices the Order of Merit briefly to gang from the hands of the Rhineland-Palatinian Prime Minister Beck for its earnings/services around the German football as well as for its outstanding social commitment in India.


notice lives in Otterbach with Kaiserslautern, is married and has a son. Its association for local history is the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern. Notice is a doctor of the dental medicine (graduation 1990).

Mainly in order to hold itself physically fit, he dedicates himself beside also to the Triathlon. It sold its dental practice to at the beginning of of 2005 in Kaiserslautern and is since then organizer of (motivation) seminars in completely Germany.

In spare time and vacation works notice honorary since 1991 in India. 1999 flowed its commitment into a comprehensive aid project into and around the city Sogospatty (south India), which he called with the establishment of the association “India assistance Kaiserslautern ” in the life and with which he the establishment and support of schools, orphanages and other social mechanisms operates.


in the Sunday newspaper “Sunday current” of 22. January 2006 reported notices that it the lifelong membership with the 1. Fiber plastic Kaiserslautern its father owes:

“My father is after my birth equal to to the office of the FCK coagulated and me as a member announced. It went only later to the residents' registration office. “


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