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marble (v. griech.: mármaros broken rock) is a metamorphic rock.

It results from transformation of limestone under influence of high pressure and high temperature due to regional sinking of limes or Kontaktmetamorphose in connection with ascending magma bodies from the Earth's mantle (Kalzitmarmor). Dolomitische basic dimensions were converted speak one of a dolomite marble. With the Kontaktmetamorphose granitische magmas intrudieren into the earth's crust. These magma chambers reach the earth's surface not, but remain in the earth's crust, where them overThousands of years to granite or magma tables rocks of similar compositions cooling. During this period kalkige neighbour rocks can be converted around the Granitpluton to marble. With the regional metamorphosis in such a way specified the large rock quantities are converted under pressure and heat without magma contact. ThisProcesses run off very slowly. Z can. B. spaltraue marbles develop. The gap direction results usually orthogonal for pressure direction.

White Kalzitmarmor from Carrara

the marble is found in different colors; from black-touched over yellow, green, pink up to whiteMarble, as he is found among other things with Carrara in Italy and in the Krastal in Austria. A typical dolomite marble seems to marble of the Greek island of the same name in the Raurisertal in Austria or as Thassos -.

In the stone processing also polishingable become Limes marble calls. The most well-known is probably the fossil-rich Treuchtlinger marble from the upper Malm, which is finished in many stairways or resoling banks, just like the law limestone from the Altmühltal. This saves mistake possibilities with the petrographic definitionthe marble.

Marble quarry

the small pore area leads to a high frost resistance of marble. Due to its acid sensitivity (vinegar, wine, Zitrusfrüchte and strong cleaning agents) untreated Kalzitmarmor is not recommended for use in kitchens. It can come to the spotting. However are thoseMark protection treatments due to their composition (silanes, Siloxane) also not undisputedly. Dolomite marble shows a substantially higher resistance opposite Amidosulfonsäure or fruit acids than the Kalzitmarmor. The frost resistance is to be examined in each case for the respective rock sort. A general statement cannot are made.

Further use finds marble in finest powder form as scrubbing means in tooth paste and than filler in and/or. to the smoothing of high-quality papers or in primings of the board painting (calcium carbonate, also as white pigment). The supply of these branches of industrythrough particularly for this selected quarries one fulfills.

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