Marquitos (* 16. April 1933 in Santander; actually Marcos Alonso Imaz) is a former Spanish football player. He became with material Madrid five times Spanish master and just as often won the European Cup of the national masters.

Marquitos began its career with Rayo Cantábria Santander, a unterklassigen association from its hometown. it changed too material Santander, the prominent soccer association Santanders for 1951. In the same year it debütierte in the first Spanish league and fought for a master place as an interior defender. With 21 years it changed too material Madrid for 1954. Directly in its first season it won as a right defender with the Spanish championship its first title, four further Meistertitel should to 1962 follow. In the again-created European Cup of the national masters it belonged with the five coming from the start time each mark to the quantity of the royal ones. Besides it won 1960 the world cup and once the Copa del Rey.

1962 it left material Madrid and played next years at different province crews, before it terminated 1965 its active career. 1969 it became again for one season active with CD Toluca, before it withdrew itself finally from the football haven.

In the Spanish national team it could not succeed. In the years 1955 and 1960 he denied a friendship game for the Iberer, both portions was lost in each case.


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