Marches Huke

Marches Huke (* 9. March 1974 in Lørenskog with Oslo) is a Norwegian Lyrikerin.

It buildup in Melhus with Trondheim , studied Germanistik and literature science at the university in mountains and visited there also the so-called Skrivekunstakademiet (author academy). In the autumn 2000 it wrote itself for the two-year course of studies “literary organization” at the University of Göteborg in Sweden . Immediately after conclusion of this study debütierte Huke with the poem cycle delta (2002).

Unsentimentale and nature poems impressing figurativy nevertheless draw the movement of a river run in these poems after and confront two languages with one another: those geography and the love. With the means of the poetry Huke examines the possibilities and borders of apparently heterogeneous plotting systems - and demonstrates not least the beauty of their mutual penetration. In its second poem volume, SE sol (literally: See sun) from the year 2004, one steps reminding writing topic into the center, which already takes its beginning in delta among other things at Inger Christensen.

Lives Marches Huke today in Trondheim, where she is involved among other things in the organization of important Literaturfestivals.



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