Martial kind film

the Martial kind film is the eastern variant of the Actionfilms.

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the Martial kind film rather body-stressed is usually based on the artistic presentations of combat arts (for example Kung Fu (Wushu), Kenjutsu, carats, Hapkido), which are aesthetically representative. Particularly in the 70's the kind with a large wave often reachedreisserisch called and produced films a tremendous international popularity, in order with the arising of sensationalistischer Blockbuster - films toward end of the decade to be increasingly displaced. In the 80's it comes in the recent video range to a short wave if necessary drittklassiger American Martial kind films,which the formal Gewitztheit of the models from Hong Kong partially to miss let up-rinse and actors such as Jean Claude Van Damme or Michael Dudikoff.

child films

in the course of the Kung Fu of films wave of the 70's and 80's became alsosome child films under the upper title Lucky Kids in Germany together calm. See in addition: Lucky Kids

newest development of Germany

in the last years experiences the asiatic Martial kind film one Renaissance. Aufwändig produced films such as tiger and Dragon (2000) or Hero (2002) impress the criticism and inspire also a broad, western public, the asiatic cinema is rather strange to which otherwise. Films like the matrix - however formal and artistic elements (Wushu) adapt row of theMartial kind film and are produced besides also in its Actionsequenzen of Koryphäen of the combat art choreography from Hong Kong. Also Quentin Tarantinos revenge pos Kill Bill takes advantage of asiatic Expertentum: The combat sequences are set by old master Yuen Woo Ping breath-robbing in scene, furthermore are numerousHero from once, as for instance Gordon Liu to see in Nebenrollen. Personnel imported goods like these, which quite developed tradition in the 90's, show that the Martial kind film decided coined/shaped our understanding of the Actionfilm and its appearance.

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