Martin Benrath

Martin Benrath (* 9. November 1926 in Berlin Lankwitz; † 31. January 2000 in Herrsching at the bunting lake) was a German actor.

Martin Benrath came to the war to the stage and was considered - already because of its face scar - as notable character actors. Benraths career began at the citizen of Berlin theatre. Commitments at the theatre at the cure prince dam, at the Hebbel theatre followed. Largest success adjusted itself however in Duesseldorf . A commitment in Munich followed 1961.

Benrath stepped also in numerous motion picture films and television plays like “password: Morituri " (1965, direction: Bernhard Wicki), “Stalingrad” (1993), “the shade man” (1995) and “the Campus” (1998), “Beresina “(1999) up. As a synchronous speaker it participated in the early Vertonung of the Tolkien books. Also as actors in the crime film series of Derrick it became known to a broad public.

The roles coined/shaped by it are always willful personalities with sympathetic courses. Thus it changed its text as death in the “everyone “with the salt citizen festivals too “I is your death.” (instead of “I am death. ”)



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