Martin boron man

Martin boron man
Martin boron man

Martin boron man (* 17. June 1900 in way lives with half; † 2. May 1945 in Berlin) was in Germany at the time of the national socialism director/conductor of the Parteikanzlei of the NSDAP with the powers of a realm Minister. It had a brother, Albert Bormann, and was married with Gerda boron man, the daughter of the party judge walter book. With the wedding 1929 was Adolf Hitler witness at the marriage.

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boron man was free corps - man and stepped 1928 into the NSDAP, were briefly driver of gau leader Fritz Sauckel in Weimar and ascended already one year later into the Führungsriege of the NSDAP. 1928 he took over the SA insurance and developed her late far for the benevolent fund of the NSDAP . 1933 he became staff leaderwith Rudolf Hess, „the deputy of the leader “, and made itself indispensable.

Adolf Hitler appointed boron man the manager of its fortune and entrusted it with the building and the supervision of its mountain yard upper salt mountain. Boron man was finally also the wire-puller for the fact that the past personal aideHitler, SA upper group leader Wilhelm Brückner, from its office and the direct surrounding field of the leader was thus pushed. After Hess had flown 1941 to England, Hitler appointed no new deputy, made however boron man the boss of the Parteikanzlei with the powers of a realm Minister. Boron man was unofficially thatmost powerful man after Hitler. The longer the war lasted, all the more could affect it, who got direct entrance to Hitler around its requests to speak. To 12. It received then the title one to April 1943 „secretary of the leader “.

By the constant proximity to Hitler and itsalways ausschliesslichere concentration on the war guidance, attained boron man a powerful position, against which also powerful men were powerless such as Hermann Göring, Heinrich Himmler or Albert Speer. In his will Hitler called boron man „the most faithful one of his party comrades “.

Up to the end in the leader shelter in April 1945in party circles and with the military unpopular boron man remained with „his leader “, without whose presence his power base and authentication were not guaranteed. Boron man participated with the burn of Hitler's corpse, disappeared thereafter to at the beginning of May for the time being without trace and became 1946 in the Nürnberger processes inAbsence to death condemns. At present it was not yet by any means sure of the process that boron man was already dead. The statements of the witnesses had with good reason not convinced the judges.

In May 1945 had boron man and the last body physician of Hitler, Ludwig Stumpfegger, after Hitler's death, togetherwith other passengers of the leader shelter, a break-through from that at that time strongly contested city centre of Berlin tried. The two from their group of escapes were separated and are to have finally committed at the Lehrter station by means of poison ampuls suicide.

1973 became in the proximity of the Lehrter of station by accidentand by the statements its and probably Ludwig Stumpfeggers Bestatters at that time a skeleton in the soil discover, which was examined exactly. This was assigned fast boron man.1998 were finally proven by an DNA analysis that it concerned the skeleton of boron man. Up to the location of theSkeleton were stories circulates, after which boron man had fled to South America and there keep themselves hidden. This very day the alleged hiding place of boron man in the Argentine jungle in the proximity of the small town San Ignacio can be visited.

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