Martin seize

Martin seize, artist name of Friedrich Hermann Frey, (* 18. June 1839 in Speier; † 1. April 1911 in Kufstein) was a German poet, dramatist and a poet.


Seize, son of the government advice max of Frey (before times cabinet advice of the king Otto of Greece), which was shifted later to Munich, 1859 officer occurred after the Abitur the Bavarian military , became, however 1867 took, in order to be able to follow completely its inclination to the beautiful literature, its parting and established themselves as a writer in Munich, from where out he journeys to England, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Italy etc. undertook. By switching Eduard Mörikes 1868 appeared with Cotta of poems under the alias Martin seize, which he was allowed to lead since 1882 also as civil names. it pulled 1869 to Vienna, where by switching Heinrich of leaves many of its pieces with success at the castle theatre were specified. To leaves way course from the castle theatre went fall back to Munich and wrote patriotic pieces for the Bavarian yard and national theatre. After long suffering died reach into the age of 72 years in the hospital to Kufstein. Its grave is on the cemetery of the church pc. Peter and Paul in Zangberg (local part Palmberg) in close proximity to Ampfing (with Mühldorf at the Inn).


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