Martin duke

Martin duke (* 28. December 1936 in Schramberg) is a German lawyer and politician (CDU).

After the Abitur duke studied on the right of and political sciences in Tübingen, put both legal state examinations down and occurred afterwards the higher civil service. During its study it became member of the A.V. Cheruskia Tübingen, a catholic not striking student connection. It followed the CDU and was from 1973 to 1979 first land advice of the Bodensee circle formed again by the circle reform 1973.

From 1979 to 1985 he was mayor of the city Friedrichshafen.

Duke became at the 11. December 1984 as successors suddenly of the deceased Rudolf Eberle as the Minister of Baden-Wuerttemberg for economics, middle class and technology into the federal state government led of Prime Minister Lothar Späth appoint. to 1988 it received besides an electoral mandate in the federal state parliament. During its term of office it agreed upon the establishment of an economic center for medium-size industry in Budapest together with the Prime Minister. It separated to 26. September 1989 from the government, was afterwards as managing directors of a felt cloth factory as well as active in the automobile industry (among other things 1992 to 1997 one the managing director of the federation of the automobile industry (VDA)) and a Gastprofessur at the Westsächsichen university received Zwickau.

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