Martin Johann Schmidt

Martin Johann Schmidt, called Kremser Schmidt (* 25. September 1718 in Grafenwörth (Lower Austria); † 28. June 1801 in stone at the Danube (today to Krems)) was a Austrian baroque painter.

He was the son of Johannes Schmidt,a sculptor. He spent most time of its life in stone, where he worked mainly on the churches and monasteries of the environment. Its artistic models were beside rem Brandt Jakob van Schuppen, and the large Freskanten Paul Troger and Daniel Gran.

he tries 1768(as historical-scenes painters) to the academy to be taken up - the receptacles arbitral award of the Midas and the Schmiede volcano are located today in the Austrian gallery in the lock Belvedere.

Its domain were however main devotion and altarpieces (e.g. Monastic church Scheibbs), (differently thanBaroque painting otherwise) a very popular course have, which made it very popular also lifetimes.

Its pictures are held in a warm light darkness, starting from the 1770-er years win them a strong Kolorit and flickering colors. Therein they remind at its contemporary Franz Anton Maulbertschand one could quite speak of “impressionistische” radiant emittance, particularly since its pictures behave to the classicism establishing shortly thereafter completely antipodal. This corresponds also with straight at this time increased personal Religiosität (again against each spirit of the time).

Into the 1780-er years become mythologische topics, forwardseverything however category pictures again more frequently.

Not least due to its long life the list of its works is very extensive.

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