Martin Kesici

Martin Kesici (* 29. April 1973 in Berlin), frequently also eMKay mentioned, is a German rock musician.

Since 1994 it plays group of Enrichment in the hard skirt - as a guitarist and later also than singers. Admits became it, when it won the SAT.1-Wettbewerb star search in the year 2003, which led records to a two-year disk contract with the label universal. Its first and so far lastly charter-follow were the Pop - single fishing rod OF Berlin, which entered at place 1 into the Charts, as well as the associated album EM KAY. On later publications it was increasingly involved in the Songwriting, which expressed itself in Songs, which aim at clearly toward hard skirt. At present he is on the Heavy Metal - radio play Teiser to hear. For 2006 is besides a further album announced, which is to contain among other things the Song save of ME, which will be also the Titelsong of the Ego Shooter ÜberSoldier of CDV software Entertainment.


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