Martin Lauer

Martin Lauer (* 2. January 1937 in Cologne) is a German athlete, olympia winner and a hit singer.

It is member of the sport association ASV Cologne and obtained as hurdle runner over the 110 m large successes. When one of the few Europeans could break in the 16-malige German masters over this distance into the Phalanx of the USA, which were up to then nearly over powerful. 1959, one year before its compatriot Armin Hary, ran Martin Lauer in Zurich world record over 110 meters of hurdles. Its time of 13.2 seconds remained unusually for a long time, i.e. until 1972 unequalled. Besides it won 1960 in Rome with the olympic plays the gold medal in the 4-x-100-m-Staffel as well as Bernd Cullmann, Armin Hary and walter meal village.

further ones of successes

  • 1958 it became European champion over 110 m hurdles.
  • 1959 he became German master in the ten-fight.
  • To 30. August 1959 set up Martin Lauer with 7955 points a German ten-combat record.

An injury let it hang the spikes to the nail.

It had a match weight of 76 kg with a size of 1,86 m.

singer career

Martin Lauer began a career as a first German sportsman as a hit singer. In the year 1962 it appeared first as a Country singer, until a disk company it persuaded to bring own products out.

Some songs, which admits by Martin Lauer became:

  • “Sacramento” (1962)
  • “the last rose of the prairie” (1962)
  • “if I a cowboy was” (1963)
  • “its best horse” (1964)
  • “at the campfire” (1964)
  • “taxi after Texas” (1965)

in several Fernsehshows arose it together with well-known artists, among them Udo Jürgens and Peter Alexander. Long years helped it to organize the also internationally well-known sport celebration of the ASV Cologne. Today it is active as management consultants.

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