Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence (* 16. April 1965 in Frankfurt/Main) is an US-American actor and Comedian.


Martin Lawrence was born in Frankfurt as a son of a GIs. When it was six years old, the family pulled back into the USA to New York.

Six years after its conclusion to the Eleanor Roosevelt High School it arose with star search . From this appearance a role in the TV-series What's happening Now resulted!. It had its cinema debut in spike Lee 's DO The right Thing.

In the year 1991 it played its first main role in Talking Dirty after Dark and received to 1992 its own Sitcom Martin on Fox.

To 7. January 1995 he married the former measures Virginia, Patricia Southall. With their it has a daughter, it could however 1996 be separated. After the divorce Lawrence got large personal problems, in August 1996 it with a loaded weapon at the Burbank air haven was arrested and to 28. March 1997 he was arrested, since he had together-struck a man before a night club. Lawrence one thundered to social work. In August 1999 it fell in coma, after it had broken down with the Joggen, the this was probably connected with its drug consumption.

Despite these large problems Lawrence participated in the time in some commercially successful films. So it had beside wants Smith the main role in bath Boys and played in Nix to lose beside Tim crawl in.

By the large success of its films Lawrence became wealthy, then he got, after the success of bends Mamma's house, 13 million dollar for its role in What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen? and 16.5 million dollar for Black Knight.

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