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of these articles acts of German ski Springer Martin Schmitt. For the Judoka, see Martin Schmidt.
Ski Springer Martin Schmitt

Martin Schmitt (* 29. January 1978 in Villingen Schwenningen) is one of most successful German ski Springer of all times. It starts for the ski club ford cheeks. Itsand Sven Hannawalds of successes made the ski jumping one of the most popular kinds of sport in Germany. Both were high-stylized in particular by the television station RTL to heroes of the Popkultur.

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Martin Schmitt belonged in particular from 1999 to 2001 to the absolute world point in the ski jumping. With 28 Weltcupsiegen(1998/99: 10; 1999/2000: 11; 2000/2001: 6; 2001/2002: 1) it is on place 4 in the eternal Weltcup Bestenliste behind Matti Nykänen (48 victories), to Jens white-flew (33 victories) and Janne Ahonen (31 victories). With nordischen ski world championships Schmitt could win altogether eight medals (under it four golden), Olympic plays won it once gold and once silver, during ski flight world championships won it once silver. The prestigious four-digging tour could not win Schmitt so far however.

It already obtained first large successes as a pupil of the ski boarding school ford cheeks, so the bronze medal in the team with the world championship 1997 in Trondheim.

In the season following on it Schmitt won with the olympic plays 1998 in Nagano with the crew silver.

and 1998/ 1999 could for the first time win Schmitt the Gesamtweltcup and triumphed at the nordischen ski WM 1999 in RAM sow both on largedigin the crew jumping.

It defended its victory in the Gesamtweltcup 1999/2000. On the occasion of this victory the city ford cheeks in the Black Forest dedicated its south tangent over and designates these from now on to Martin Schmitt road.

In the season 2000/2001 it reached results of point again in the Worldcup, became however from the projecting Adam Małyszoverhauled. At the WM 2001 in Lahti it won single and crew jumping of largedigs again. Additionally it knew the silver medal in the single and the bronze medal in the team jumping of normaldigs achieves. Thus it is the only ski Springer, which won 4 medals with a Skisprung WM.

Since that time after the season 2001 Schmitt was back-thrown to no more increasingly by injury problems and could to its earlier successes tie. In the season 2001/2002 it won crew gold however again with the olympic winter plays 2002 in salt Lake town center as well as silver with the Skiflug WM inHarrachov. He achieved its last Weltcup victory at the 1. March 2002 in Lahti.

After many setbacks in the season 2004/2005 he stepped out for several weeks of the Worldcup, in order to be able to prepare for the forthcoming WM 2005 in Colonel village, with which itin the team jumping of normaldig those silver medal won.

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