Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese (* 17. November 1942 in Queens, New York) is an US-American film director.

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Martin Scorsese with the film festivals in Cannes, 2002

the youngest son of two textile workers was bound as asthmatics to the patient bed, where it wrote first film scripts and Storyboards. 1950 drew the family after Little Italy, where Scorsese came for the first time with the church into contact and itdecided to become priest. After the Rauswurf from the Jesuitenschule aimed at it training as a teacher, decided at the university of New York 1960 however for the film art. With financial support Scorsese first price-crowned turned its lecturer And its Bachelor locked Kurzfilme - study 1965 . While it made the Magister Artium, did it work four years on its feature debut who knocks there on my door?, its budget of $75.000 it financially ruined. Scorsese informed at thatUniversity of later star directors like olive Stone and Jonathan Kaplan, before it pulled to California and closed there lifelong friendships with Francis Ford Coppola , Steven play mountain and George Lucas. In the autumn it turned 1971 for film legend Roger Corman its first Hollywood - film the fist the rebel, who found its public despite durchwachsener criticisms.

After it was accepted to the trade union of the directors, Scorsese with witch boiler turned its first commercially successful author film, which suddenly admits him madeand first acknowledgment to his actor Robert De Niro brought. The large break-through did not succeed to Scorsese however with Alice lives here no more, which received international film prices, and which world success taxi Driver, the winner of the Filmfestivals of Cannes. Asmost important film producer of its generation celebrated, began with success also the drug craze, stormy affairs and artistic high-altitude flights: Its idea, the large Hollywood - musical to revive, failed with the project New York, New York, that after two-year productionCriticism and public fell through.1977 were called off Scorseses next film of course OF New York - only 20 years later began the turning work on it -, and he turned smaller documentations and produced at the theatre. Although the Boxerfilm like a savageBull as masterpiece was acted, remained existing Scorseses call as cash poison and let also the malicious comedy The King OF Comedy at the Kinokasse floppen. Only the campaign for the restoration of old Hollywoodfilme, initiated by it, brought it positive press. Because ofsubstantial protests of religious groupings 1983 the turning work was called off to the long-prepared Jesus - filming the last temptation Christi.

Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz with the film festivals in Cannes, 2002

on the Filmfestival of Cannes became Scorsese 1986as a best director for the time after midnight excellently and back in the footlights catapults: Its Billard - drama the color of the money played world-wide $ 130 millions at the Kinokasse, the last temptation Christi became despite boycott of catholic groupsApplied for respect success, and GoodFellas since his appearance as the best film of the decade. With the thriller - Remake cape of the fear and the costume film time of the innocence entered Scorsese artistic new ground and closed with Casino its mafia - Trilogie off, also Witch boiler and GoodFellas had begun. The filming of the youth years of the Dalai Lama (Kundun) and the new York drama Bringing Out the DEAD were praised by the film criticism, but Scorsese with the Filmepen of course OF achieved the commercial high point of its careerNew York and aviator, in each case with Leonardo DiCaprio in the main role.

Although Scorsese is considered as a most important living US director and he was nominated for seven Oscars, he did not get one of these important film prices presented.




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