Martin forest sea-Mueller

Martin forest sea-Mueller (* around 1470; † around 1521 or 1522) was a German Kartograph.

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forest sea-Mueller in Radolfzell one did not bear (source:Achim Fenner of city archives Radolfzell), but - according to Catholic Encyclopedia - in Wolfenweiler with Freiburg, whereby in this case its nut/mother originated from Radolfzell. It studied at the university of Freiburg.

In the year 1507 he worked in pc. Dié in Lorraine. There it manufactured an earth globe and a map of the world (world ball), which have a size of 34,2 cm in folded form times 18 cm. The agency took place via René II., Duke of Lorraine. On suggestion of the poet Matthias's ring man, its coworker, both carried explored and continent described for the names “America “on this map for the first time for from Christoph the Kolumbus discovered and by Amerigo Vespucci in.

The suggestion, after it the “new world”now “America” to designate, went without Amerigo Vespuccis knowledge from forest sea-Mueller (like this first Humboldt proved), who had been pushed however by ring man there. Forest sea-Mueller had published 1507 under the name Hylacomylus a description of the journeys of the Amerigo. InConsequence of the letters Vespuccis at Lorenzo de Medici had forest sea-Mueller it then in its much-read work Cosmographiae introductio etc.(Introduction to the Kosmografie) a principal part at the large discoveries attributed. Forest sea-Mueller had recognized this interpretation already soon as wrongand also in the next card output called of 1513 America again with “terra incognita “, but was” America “already so far common and general acceptance had found that it remained the name of the recently discovered continent.

The forest sea-Mueller map of1507 were explained 2005 of the UNESCO as the world document inheritance.

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