Martin van Buren

Martin Van Buren (* 5. December 1782 in Kinderhook (New York); † 24. July 1862 in Kinderhook) was 8. President of the United States of America (the USA) of 4. March 1837 to 4. March 1841.

Martin van Buren

Van Buren was the first president, who was born after the declaration of independence. It originated from a Dutch family in the top of the State of New York. It lawyer and came as such in contact with Aaron Burr to turn out however without under its influence. Its legal profession madeit financially independently, so that he could dedicate himself after 1800 to the policy. The political situation after splitting the Federalist party was confused and it followed the parliamentary group of De Witt Clinton . 1812 he became a senator of the State of New York and memberthe Court for the Correction OF error, the then highest Court of Justice of the state.

1821 it became member of the senate, where it became rapid a prominent speaker of the democrats. Its positions were not coherent in all questions, which it later often to the reproachone made. After it in the elections of 1824 William H. Crawford had supported, followed it late Andrew Jackson , whose government he occurred 1829 as a minister of foreign affairs, after he had functioned some months as a governor of New York. Its vice-president was from 1837to 1841 smelling pool of broadcasting corporations M. Johnson.

In Jacksons second term of office, after the break with John C. Calhoun 1832, he became vice-president, since he had supported the political line Jacksons, approximately in the question about a central bank. For the question of the slavery was its attituderather varying. Its own presidency candidacy after running out Jacksons second term of office was felt as logical, encountered however little enthusiasm. Martin van Buren was for 152 years the last vice-president, who was selected directly in the white house (this succeeded only 1989 again to George H.W. Bush). It was associated with the Doppelbödigkeit and the often corrupt methods of the democratic party, when of them was regarded “embodiment” it. In addition a serious economic crisis still came starting from 1837, so that William Henry Harrison could win 1840 against it.

In the following taper (bspw. withthe Caroline/McLeod affair) of the crisis between north states and Southern States he continued to himself induce ever to the northern position. it was set up to 1848 of the Free Soil party as a presidency candidate, which wanted to prevent the slavery in the again-acquired areas, and at the end of its life he supported Lincoln.

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