Base data
capital away de France
number of inhabitants 432,900 (July 2005)
surface 1,100 km ²
Präfekt Yves Dassonville (since 2004)
of the regional advice
Alfred Marie Jeanne
of the general council
Claude Lise
time belt UTC -4
internet TLD .mq
preselection +596
Martinique in der Karibik
Die Insel Martinique

Martinique [maʀtiˈnik]an island is in the Karibik and belonged to the small Antilleses - more exactly said to hoist to the islands under that. It is a French Überseedépartement and a French overseas region.

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Martinique lie between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic ocean south of Dominica and north of pc. Lucia. The coastal line covers zirka 350 kilometers.

The islandis gebirgig. In the north the volcano Mont Pelée, which has a height of 1.397 m, is appropriate for the island.

9.43% of the land surface of the island are city ore. Agriculture is operated on 11,32% of the surface.

The climate is tropical andthe rain time lasts from June to Octobers. Into this time fall also the devastating eddy towers, which cross the islands. The annual average temperature amounts to 17,3° C.


the population is about. 90% African and mixed African-IndianOrigin. Predominantly European origin are approx. 5%, in the east of the island established themselves Indian and Chinese, them constitute however less than 5%.

85% of the population are Roman-catholic, 10.5% Protestant. Ever 0.5%profess themselves to the Islam and to the Hinduismus.

Rathaus von Fort-de-France
City hall of away de France

the official language is the French. The native language of the majority of the population is the martiniquäsische Kreolisch, a French Kreolsprache.


as first Europeans discovered Kolumbus Martinique 1502 on its fourth journey.

The island was kolonialisiert 1635 by France and remained since then up to three short periods of strange crew in French possession.

Kokospalme on Martinique

1902 broke the volcano Mont Pelée lain on the islandout, which entailed 26,000 dead ones.

1946 became Martinique one the French Überseedépartements (Départements d'Outre Mer / CATHEDRAL), which is considered politically as part of the motherland.

1982 were raised Martinique to the region.


Martinique are a French overseas region and a French Überseedépartement.

Region and Département are responsible as regional administrative bodies for the same territory, have however separate institutions - the regional advice and/or. the general council (Conseil général) of the Départements with 45 delegates -, the theirrespective authority independently notice.

As a representative of the centre government the Präfekt functions. Martinique sends four representatives into the French national assembly and two into the senate.

As fully integrated part of the French state Martinique is also part of the European union. The euro is as in the French heartland the legal tender.

See also: List of the presidents of the regional advice of Martinique since 1983

administrative arrangement

Arrondissement inhabitant
(km ²)
Bev.dichte of cantons municipalities
away de France 166,139 171 ,972 16 Infrastructure
on the island there are 4 Le
marine 106,818 409 ,261 13 12
Saint Pierre 23,464 210 ,112 5 8 La
Trinité 85,006 338


11 10 [work on] an airport Lamentin with away de France (IATA - airport code: FDF).


the economy exists to 10% from agriculture. The industry has a portion of 17% and the tertiary sector constitutes a size of 73%.

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coordinates: 14° 40 ′ N, 61° 00 ′ W


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