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Mary Poppins is the main figure in novels of the Australian authoress P. L. Travers (1899-1996). The English expenditure appeared for the first time 1934 with G. Howe in London. The German first edition appeared 1952 in the Dressler publishing house. The translation came from Elizabeth boiler.

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novel as a child girl,


occurring in the musical, with magic abilities provides Mary Poppins at the English family bank in the London of the next to last turn of the century for new relations between the family members. With Mary Poppins experience the children Jane, Michael and the twins John and Barbara, who are missing in the Disney filming, fantastische adventures, from which Mary Poppins maintains after the fact however that they would not at all have taken place.

In the novel Mary Poppins is a somewhat vain and briefly tied up person, who does not permit other opinion, than their own. The book does not have continuous action, but is a collection by Kurzgeschichten, by those only few to the Disney filming was transferred (arrival, Marys trip with Bert into the road painting - in the book however without the children -, the history with laughing uncle Albert, which scenes with the bird woman and the departure).


film data
of German titles: Mary Poppins
original title: Mary Poppins
production country: The USA
feature year: 1964
length (PAL - DVD): 140 minutes
of source language: English
age release: FSK 6
direction: Robert Stevenson
film script: P. L. Travers,
Bill Walsh,
Don DaGradi
production: Roll Disney,
Bill Walsh
music: Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman
camera: Edward Colman
cut: Cotton Warburton

The first Mary Poppins novel became 1964 of Disney - Studios films. In contrast to the novel „the gentleman of the house “, Mr lives. Bank, only for its bank career, its wife is constantly on the way as Frauenrechtlerin (Suffragette) and supplies so the reason that the education, how at the time at richer families often usually, with which child girl remained hanging. P. L. Travers was not particularly content however with this filming. You did not fit the conversion as music film and altogether found it too süsslich converted the action. Nevertheless the film (not only) enjoys of large popularity with children and became one of largest successes that of Disney Studios.

1983 the first book also for the Russian television filmed under the title “Meri Poppins, DO svidaniya “, with Natalya Andrejchenko as Mary Poppins.

songs in the Disney film

  • „Sister Suffragette “- Glynis John, Hermione Baddeley and Reta Shaw, with spoken interruptions of Elsa Lanchester.
  • „The would run I Lead “- David Tomlinson (repeats later from Julie Andrew)
  • „The Perfect Nanny “- Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber
  • „A Spoonful OF Sugar “- Julie Andrew
  • „Jolly Holiday “- thickly Van Dyke and Julie Andrew, with Thurl Ravenscroft, Marni Nixon, Paul Frees and other one
  • „Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious “- Julie Andrew and thickly Van Dyke with J. Pat O'Malley and other one
  • „Stay Awake “- Julie Andrew
  • „I Love ton of Laugh “- thickly Van Dyke, Julie Andrew and Ed Wynn
  • „feed the Birds (Tuppence A Bag) “- Julie Andrew (roll of Disney favourite song in the film)
  • „Fidelity Fiduciary bank “- thickly Van Dyke, David Tomlinson and other one
  • „Chim Chim Cheree “- thickly Van Dyke and Julie Andrew („Best original Song “won the OSCAR in the category)
  • „steps in Time “- thickly Van Dyke
  • „A one Has Dreams “- David Tomlinson and thickly Van Dyke. This is a slower version of „The would run I Lead “, which contains also a variation of „A Spoonful OF Sugar “.
  • „Let's Go Fly A Kite “- Glynis John, David Tomlinson, thickly Van Dyke and other one (on the sound TRACK is called it „and Londoners “)

the almost continuation

in the year 2004 arose to Julie Andrew in the 10-minütigen animated film with live-sequences „astonishing a smart cat “(The Cat That Looked RK A King), which of DisneyToon Studios was produced for the 40-jährige expenditure for anniversary of the film and as bonus on the appropriate DVD was published. The film is based on a cutout from P. L. Travers book Mary Poppins open the Door and can be regarded thus as quasi-mini continuation of the original film.

The film begins in the today's time with two English children, who regard a chalk design on the road in exactly the same place, in which it had painted Bert in the first film. For this scene the window blind was used from London, the original film (in a depot remained) again.

The modern dressed Julie Andrew, welcomes the children and takes it also into the picture, where they experience a moral history. Whether Julie Andrew actually plays now a modern version of the Mary Poppins, is left thereby however to the imaginative power of the spectator up to the conclusion.

Among the speakers of the film “Sarah Ferguson is to be found, the ex woman of prince Andrew, as well as the voices of David Ogden of bull and Tracey Ullman in the role „of the queen.


since that 15. December 2004 very successfully runs in the Londoner Prince Edward Theatre a Mary Poppins musical, which contains additional sequences from the book, which are missing in the Disney filming.

Apart from the well-known songs from the film some new titles are contained. But in addition, some few songs from the film, an example are missing for this are „I Love ton of Laugh “. Some the well-known songs occur to other opportunities than in the film. For example there is not the scene with the Karusellpferdchenrennen in the musical. The Song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious belonging to it is sung to another scene. The action of the musical is closer at the books, than at the film. Mary Poppins is somewhat stricter, than in the film version and in two new scenes their magic is used to punish the two children Jane and Michael. These scenes can be frightening for very young spectators. For this reason under five years the admission remains refused for children.

There were first still technical problems with the floating Mary Poppins, these were in the meantime solved.

original occupation

  • Laura Michelle Kelly - Mary Poppins
  • David Haig - Mr bank
  • Gavin Lee - Bert
  • Rosemary ash - measure Andrew
  • Jenny Galloway - Mrs Brill
  • Julia Suez clay/tone - Bird Woman
  • Kevin Williams - park Keeper
  • Gerard Carey - Robertson Ay
  • Faye Spittlehouse - Jane bank
  • OSCAR Redif - Michael bank
  • Alan Vicary - of Hussler
  • Claire Machin - measure Lark
  • Ian Burford - admiral Bloom/bank Chairman
  • Lisa o'hare - Annie
  • Louisa Shaw - Katie Nanna
  • Melanie La Barrie - Mrs Corry
  • Nathan Taylor - Northbrook/Valentine
  • Poppy Tierney - Fannie/Doll
  • Rosemary ash - measure Smythe/measure Andrew
  • Terel Nugent - William
  • Tim Morgan - Policeman

new songs

to the new Belong to songs, which do not occur in the film:

  • Practically Perfect
  • anneal, anneal
  • Brimstone & Treacle
  • Anything CAN Happen
  • A Shooting star

in the musical occurring songs from the film

  • Sister Suffragette
  • The would run I Lead
  • I Love ton of Laugh
  • Fidelity Fiduciary bank
  • Stay Awake


for this filming gave it 1965, beside 13 nominating, a true OSCAR - rains: For Julie Andrew as a “best actress”, for Peter Ellenshaw, Hamilton Luske and Eustace Lycett for the special effects, for Cotton Warburton for the film cut and for smelling pool of broadcasting corporations M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman for the music. The film won likewise the BAFTA - Award 1965 and golden the Globe 1965 as well as the Grammy 1965 for the film music and many further prices.


  • this was the first motion picture film of Julie Andrew. Disney engaged it, after it had seen it with a performance of the musical Camelot.
  • Thickly van Dyke played a well hidden double role, once as a multi-talent Bert, in the film and once, to hardly recognize by its mask as a senile bank boss Mr. Dawes, SR.
  • Julie Andrew tongue crusher „Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious “became on a German single among other things also of Chris Howland under the title „Superkalifragilistisch Expiallegorisch “publishes.
  • In the German version the conclusion was amended. In the English original Mr becomes over the bank boss „. Dawes, SR. “said by its son „Father died lye-hung “(literally „father died laughing “). In German one says, it would be „gone before laughter to the cover “and the impression aroused, its son it from a kite string held fly now to let.



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other literature

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  • Mary Poppins - Special Collection, roll Disney Home video 2004/2005

film music

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