Mary Wigman

Mary Wigman (* 13. November 1886 in Hanover; † 19. September 1973 in Berlin; actually Karoline Sofie Marie weighing man) was a German dancer, choreographies and a Tanzpädagogin.

Wigman studied in Hellerau with Emile Jaques Dalcroze and with Rudolph of Laban,two dance paedagogues, who are substantially for the development of the modern expression dance responsible (lab on technology).

1920 opened it a school for modern dance in Dresden, which was closed by the Nazis 1942. In the Dresdens time had Wigman contacts for the alive art scene of the city,z. B. to Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Starting from 1923 first performances with the Dresdens group of dances took place. The school in the Bautzner road in Dresden is today the small stage (small scene) of the Saxonian state State of Dresden. 1949 left itself to Mary Wigman inWest Berlin down, where it created a new expression dance school.

Their most famous pupil was Harald Kreutzberg. Famous pupils were under other Dore Hoyer and Gret Palucca, which continued its working in Dresden and the Palucca school created 1925, which still exists today.

1954 received it that Schillerpreis of the city Mannheim.

Wigman died 1973 in Berlin. It was bestattet in a Urnengrab on the east cemetery in meals.



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