Maryse Bastié

Maryse Bastié (* 1898, † 15. July 1952; native Marie Louise Bombec) was a French Flugpionierin. Called by their compatriots the record aviator Dauerläuferin at the Firmament , Sprinterin of air or ours sky-play the trump card.


Maryse Bastié acquired 1928 as a first Französin the driving licence for passenger airlines and set up into the 1930-er year eight world records. 1929 made it for the first time from itself talk, when she set up 48 minutes the solo flight continuous record for women with 26 hours and increased this one year later on 37 hours 55 minutes.

To 28. June 1931 started it to its first Langstreckenflug, which led it in a 40PS Caudron of Paris across the north of France and Germany to Russia. Without intermediate stop it reached Urino with Nischni Nowgorod, which the Nonstop long-distance world record for women was and it admits internationally in such a way made that it could live in the future on the Fliegerei and the incomes from advertising.

In the year 1934 it flew as a first Mrs. Paris-Tokio back and forth. After Jean Batten, the Neuseeländerin, when first woman flew over the southern Atlantic, wanted to fly Bastié the same distance in better time. In September 1936 it started in a Caudron “Simon” - Eindecker of Paris over Dakar after Natal (Brazil), which reached it in 12 hours 5 minutes, with which she undercut her Konkurrentin around a good hour. The average speed amounted to 260 km/h. With its return to France she was appointed the officer of the French Ehrenlegion.

Into the 1930er years worked she as a sales directress at an engine and an airplane manufacturer. In the Second World War Bastié in the French Air Force (supplying relay) under general de Gaulle served.

The efficient female pilot, who flew its life long without heavy accidents, died 1952 as Passagierin in an aircraft crash.


  • 1930 - “international record in closed course” (wedge 25)
  • 1930 - “international continuous record for single-seaters” with 37 hr. 55 min. (Wedge 25)
  • 1931 - “international distance record for single-seaters of the class III” and “far distance record for women; over 3000km (wedge 25)
  • 1934 - Paris Tokyo as a first woman
  • 1936 - speed record for the distance Dakar Natal


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