Mechanical engineering

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Mechanical engineering (also: the Maschinenwesen) is an engineering science and is concerned with the draft,the development and the production of machines of all kinds. On the basis of individual simple mechanical components thereby plants are developed, built and operated by largest complexity such as production lines and whole factories.

In the today's engineering sciences often core range of the production engineering.

Mechanical engineeringa typical subject of the technology is by its combination of basic research and development of manufacturing method (also production procedure ). It uses physical regularities, in particular from the subsections mechanics and thermodynamics, for the construction and the simulation of technical plants.

Due to increasing automation technical plants become today with a complex measuring and control and/or. Control engineering equipped.

The construction teachings concern themselves with the goals and methods, which a mechanical engineer must consider with the construction of technical plants. Meanwhile the technical becomePlants by CAD - programs at the computer sketched. The CAD files produced thereby can be submitted afterwards of a simulation and be manufactured by a CNC - a machine.

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training and study

to the subject mechanical engineering gives it apart from the teachings many different courses of studies. Apart from the proven, pure mechanical engineering study in the meantime courses of studies have themselves such as production and logistics, process engineering, energy engineering, vehicle technology, Air and space technology or Mechatronik establish.

At technical universities and technical universities mechanical engineering is one of the three classical faculties apart from electro-technology and building industry for beginning engineering graduates. Newly created professional schools and (already longer existing) technical middle schools possess nearly always largeDepartments for mechanical engineering and - development.

Study conclusions are the diploma and since new also the international conclusions Bachelor OF Science and master OF Science. Also training as the Dipl. - Ing (BA) is possible in the binary system.

Renowned universities for mechanical engineeringthe technical University of Munich, the Rheinisch Westfäli technical university Aachen, is the University of Hanover, technical University of Braunschweig and various others. In Austria also the training at a higher technical institute is possible.

It does not have however necessarilyTo attain course of studies to be visited over in mechanical engineering a good position. For many enterprises the practical experience is more important than a diploma. Over into this circle to penetrate however first the cumbersome way of a technical training must e.g. to the industrial mechanic orTool mechanic to be completed. After training, which takes usually 3.5 years and also without Abitur must a further training is too gotten to the mechanical engineering technician take place. This measure for further education is possible in full time (2 years) or in partial time (4 years evening institute).Innerhalb dieser Zeit wird den Schülern ein umfassendes Wissen über Werkstoffkunde, Mechanik, Hebe.- und Fördertechnik, Steuer.- und Regelungstechnik u.v.m vermittelt. The technician training is terminated with to exist a national examination. A technician can let its practical experiences flow into his constructionsand so the machines arrange also user-friendly.

mechanical engineering in Germany

in many states is mechanical engineering the most important industrial branch. In the Federal Republic of Germany it is located in second place of production and counts alone in North Rhine-Westphalia 200.000 Employee (conversion 30 billion Euro). Also in Baden-Wuerttemberg it constitutes over 20% of the economy. From 1995 to 2002 the German export grew into 20 industrialized countries by 25 to 100%.

With 5700 enterprises and 875000 persons employed are the machine andEquipment construction the largest industry of Germany before the electrical industry and the building of road vehicles. Based on the conversion of approximately 130 billion euro the industry stands on rank three. Custom-made customer solutions lead to a pro head conversion in mechanical engineering of approximately 148,000 euro.

Approximately 70Go to per cent of the German conversion abroad. German mechanical engineering is before the USA the prominent offerer in the world trade with a portion of 19 per cent.

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