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Karte der USA, Massachusetts hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: State of the bay
(Bay State)
capital: Bad clay/tone
largest city: Bad clay/tone
rank (within the USA): 44
altogether: 27,360 km ²
country: 20,317 km ²
water (%): 7,043 km ² (25.7%)
rank (within the USA): 13
altogether (2000): 6.433.422
density: 317/km ²
member state
place: 6
since: 6. February 1788
time belt: Eastern: UTC-5/-4
degree of latitude: 41°10'N to 42°53'N
degree of longitude: 68°57'W to 73°30'W
broad: 80 km
length: 305 km
highest situation: 1,063 m
average situation: 150 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: Memo Romney
postal: MA
ISO 3166-2: US-MA

Massachusetts (official The Commonwealth OF Massachusetts)is a Federal State of the United States of America and part of new England. The name Massachusetts - measured derived from the Indian word adchu ut (with the large hills) - dips for the first time into Captain John Smith book A DescriptionOF new England (1616) up.

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in the year 1629 of English Puritanern as Massachusetts Bay Colony based, was Massachusetts one of the thirteen colonies, which revolted themselves during the American revolution against the British rule.

Map of Massachusetts

in 18. and 19. Century profited the economy from Massachusetts particularly from whale-catching of the island Nantucket and thatCities new Bedford and Salem, as well as of the Kabeljaufängen of them world-wide best catch reasons before the coast of Massachusetts lay exactly at that time. Of it numerous representations and symbols of the Kabeljau on coins and as architectural decorations in the capital bad clay/tone witness. The peninsula in the southeast of Massachusetts is called Cape Cod (German cape Kabeljau). Cape Cod is a popular summer resort. There is the Cape Cod national Seashore.

The Federal State Maine was until 1820 some of Massachusetts, althoughit to it does not border directly.


Massachusetts borders in the north on New Hampshire and Vermont, in the west on New York, in the south on Connecticut and Rhode Island. In the eastthe Atlantic ocean lies. The islands Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket are because of the southeast coast. The largest city is bad clay/tone. To the other large cities Cambridge , to new Bedford, belongs Worcester, Lowell, Springfield and Pittsfield. Highest point of Masschusetts is the Mount Greylock in the Berkshire County (1,188 m).


the number of inhabitants amounted to in the year 2003 6.433.422. Of it 81.9% white, 6.8% Hispanics, 5.4% black and Afro American, 3.8%Asian, 0.2% Indian.

Largest cities (inhabitant 1. July 2004)

  • Bad clay/tone - 569,165
  • Worcester - 175,966
  • Springfield - 152,091
  • Lowell - 103,655
  • Cambridge - 100,771
  • breaking into clay/tone - 95,009
  • new Bedford - 93,979
  • case River - 92,526
  • Quincy - 89,909
  • Lynn - 89,485
  • Newton - 83,802
  • Somerville - 75,621
  • Lawrence - 71,858
  • Haverhill - 60,482
  • Waltham - 59,232
  • rope clay/tone - 56,648
  • Malden - 55,340
  • Chicopee - 54,838
  • Medford - 54,197
  • Peabody - 50,370


the national University OF Massachusetts (UMass) is represented at the locations Amherst, bad clay/tone, Dartmouth, Lowell and Worcester. In Cambridge Massachusetts lie further the well-known Harvard University of and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH).


the Pro-Kopf-Einkommen amounted to 2002 35,333 US Dollar.

current one political topics

after a decision of the supreme Courts of Massachusetts from November 2003 is this State of first and beside Vermont the only one in the USA,that opened the marriage for same sex pairs. These marriage ceremonies are there since that 17. May 2004 possible.

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