Massacre of Srebrenica

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The massacre of Srebrenica was a genocide and a war crime of the army of the Republika in such a way specified Srpska, police and Serbian Paramilitärs, under guidance of Ratko Mladić, on during the Bosnian war in the eastBosnian city the Srebrenica up to 8000 Muslims at the 11. July 1995 began.

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the UN security council had with the resolution 824 to 6. May 1993 the cities Sarajevo, Tuzla, Zepa, Goražde, Bihać and Srebrenica to security zones explains and affirmed in the resolution 836 that the humanitarian assistance and the protection of the security zones also by force (among other things through UNPROFOR - soldiers) to ensure is. The Srebrenica by the majority settled by Bosniaken was defended by bosniakischen troops under guidance of Naser Oric against troops of the Republika Srpska.

The massacre

at the 11. Bosnian-Serbian troops under the command of general Ratko Mladić Srebrenica took July 1995 whereby after estimations and assumptions according to international criminal court for former Yugoslavia up to 8.000 male persons died. 30,000 inhabitants were driven out. The 2004 arrested Ljubisa Beara are considered as a chief logistician of the murders.

At that time in the Bosnian UN-protected zone stationed the Netherlands UN blue helmet soldier under the command French UN - general the inhabitants protected Berne pool of broadcasting corporations January four and under the Commander-in-Chief of the Netherlands troops in Bosnia, Hans Couzy, not before the Bosnian-Serbian troops. Testimonies during the process against Slobodan Milošević of autumn 2003 point on the fact that the murder had been instructed from above. The contrary thesis reads, uncontrolled excesses of individual soldiers concerned.

The troop boss at that time of the company, Tom Karremans, knocked against after the conquest of the city by the Bosnian-Serbian troops with Ratko Mladić on its victory. The Netherlands Secretary of Defense Joris Voorhoeve had tried 1996 to down-minimize the debacle to “fouten EN of foutjes” (errors and Fehlerchen). He could not disprove however convincingly that the blue helmet soldiers let themselves be taken away without Gegenwehr from Bosnian-Serbian soldiers weapons and vehicles.

The events of the 11. Are considered to July 1995 as the worst massacre in Europe since the end of the Second World War. So far the remnants were exhumiert of more than 5,000 victims. Under these are approximately 70 per cent not identified victims. There are statements that under it also Bosnian-Serbian civilians are, who and others pursuit by the bosniakischen commander Naser Oric in the adjacent places from Srebrenica to the victim are, hundreds further Bosnian-Serbian families please could straight still flee. 1620 of them could identify a commission for the search for missed one. On the day exactly nine years later were buried 338 Muslim victims in the memorial place Potocari again. Prominent ones Serbian of military spoke of collateral damage (with which with fighting killed civilians are actually designated). At the beginning of of October 2005 submitted a special working group of the Bosnian-Serbian government to the war crimes tribunal a list of approximately 19,500 persons, who would have taken part directly in the murder on any way.


to 22. January 1996 confirms the US undersecretary of state for human right questions, John Shattuck, reports over mass graves with Srebrenica, in which more than 2,000 missed Bosniaken (Bosnier and Serbs) are to lie.

Due to the results an investigation for the behavior of the UN-soldiers stepped to 16. April 2002 the Netherlands government under Wim Kok back.

In June 2004 representatives of the Republika Srpska granted the responsibility of Bosnian-Serbian security forceses at the murder of Srebrenica officially.

The UN-tribunal into the Hague has 14 suspects accused; of it four were condemned.

2004 as

“important print medium within the left-wing extremistic range " boy mentioned world this gets contrary representations straight in the protection of the constitution report of the federation in several court judgements as genocide of designated events in question. The likewise left-wing extreme magazine Jungle World publishes repeats theses of similar contents.

The conservative US-American internationally Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), which Secretaries of Defense Donald Rumsfeld belongs, designates the victim numbers however allegedly as “disinformation” and refers to in their publications among other things on, the fact specified at present, that approximately 3,000 of humans, who would stand on the list of the victims would have participated 1996 in the Bosnian elections. The number of the bosniakischen victims “is inflationiert” until today, in order the cruel crimes at Bosnian-Serbian civilians approximately around Srebrenica, which took place 1995 ago to mask.

The then höchstrangige UN-observer in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Philip Corwin, points out in his analyses that “what happened in Srebrenica was not an individual large murder of Bosnian Serbs at Muslims, but a series of bloody attacks and counter attacks during one period of three years represents, their high point 1995 reached”. According to Corwin it is very probable that the number of the killed Muslims does not lie more highly than the number of the Bosnian Serbs approximately around Srebrenica, murdered of Naser Oric and his troops, which amounts to according to Serbian data approximately 2,800. It calls the number of 8.000 Muslim victims “exaggeration” and disinformation.

UN-Secretary-General Boutros Boutros Ghali made in its to 30. May 1995, one and a half months before the massacre, it published report on the fact attentively that bosniakische government troops would have increased their military activity clearly within most UN-protected zones in the last months and accused an injury of the Demilitarisierungs agreement to the Bosnian government .


at the end of of May 2005 emerged in the Internet photographs of a special unit of the Bosnian-Serbian police and directed so again large attention on the crime. According to the Serbian Minister of the Interior Dragan Jocic carried noted shooting of the six inhabitants of Srebrenica to 16. or 17. July 1995 however nearby the village Trnovo at the mountain Jahorina too (zirka 150 kilometers southeast from Srebrenica in close proximity to Sarajevo).

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