Massimo Troisi

Massimo Triosi (* 19. February 1953 in Neapel, Italy; † 4. June 1994 in Rome, Italy) was an Italian actor, director and an author.

Its career started with 15 years at the theatre. With its friends Enzo DEK aero and Lello arena he created 1969 his own group of theatres. In the Italian television was it admits by the Comedy series Non stop (1977 - 1979). Since that time it was considered as the Italian Steve Martin. Its first main role in a motion picture film it had 1981.

Its most well-known film was the post office man at the side of Philippe Noiret of 1994. The turning work literally cost it the life. Although physicians admonished it to let be treated because of its heart weakness the consequence rheumatism tables of an illness during its childhood was, rejected it the operation necessary for it . Only one day after turning conclusion Troisi at a cardiac infarct died. 1996 he was nominated posthum for the OSCAR as a best male leading actor.

A place in its hometown San Giorgio A Cremano with Neapel carries its names.

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