Mathilde Franziska Anneke

Mathilde Franziska Anneke (* 3. April 1817 in property Oberleveringhausen in Hiddinghausen, today to Sprockhövel; † 25. November 1884 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the USA) was a German authoress and lady journalist and a one of the prominent persons of the US-American women's movement.

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Gut Oberleverighausen, Geburtshaus von Mathilde Franziska Anneke
property Oberleverighausen, birth house of Mathilde Franziska Anneke

catholic citizen daughter and romantic authoress in Westphalia (1817 - 1847)

Anneke was the oldest daughter (altogether twelve children) of the wealthy owner of mine Karl Giesler and its wife Elizabeth Hülswitt. It received their instruction by house teachers and it was conservatively catholic educated. After the judgement of contemporaries, Anneke was in an educated manner, pretty and with a size of 1,80 m already as a young Mrs. an impressive feature.

1820 drew the family after bright stone and 1834 after Hattingen. The father had made a bad speculation himself with railway shares and the family had for the financial problems of calculation to carry. When the Mülheimer wine merchant Alfred Philipp Ferdinand of Tambouillot around their hand stopped 1836, she agreed this reason marriage. Tambouillot took over the debts of parents, and family Giesler belonged now to the aristocracy.

To 27. November 1837 was born the common daughter Fanny (Johanna). In December 1837 Mathilde Franziska left the violent married man including daughter and returned to its parents. From 1838 to 1841 lasted divorce proceedings, which ended with it that the wife was guiltily spoken, her however to its maiden name to again assume were allowed, and it the custody for their daughter were awarded.

The divorced woman lived in Münster (Westphalia), where it became active as an authoress and belonged soon the friend circle of Annette of Droste Hülshoff. In this time you were the catholic faith an important comfort, and she published also two prayer books for women. 1840 published it poem volume, which contained not only own, but also lyric from Ferdinand Freiligrath , Nikolaus Lenau , lord Byron and Annette of Droste Hülshoff. She began also to work journalistically among other things for the Kölni newspaper and Augsburger general newspaper, at that time the probably most well-known German-language newspaper, for which also Heinrich Heine wrote.

Frauenrechtlerin and revolutionary Sozialistin in Cologne (1847 - 1849)

with meetings of the democratic association in Minden became acquainted with it their later married man, at that time likewise the artillery second lieutenant Fritz Anneke stationed in Münster, which became to dismiss 1847 because of Verweigerung of a duel dishonorably from the Prussian army. Common acquaintance of the Annekes from the Münsteraner time were the young student Friedrich Hammacher, which should become later one of the most important industrial leaders of the Ruhr district, and its wife, with which it maintained an active correspondence also still from the USA. At the 3. June 1847 married it Anneke and the pair established itself in Cologne. There they became soon the center of an communist-aesthetic circle, made of which the Cologne worker association developed later. To 26. June 1847 died their father. By its married man Mathilde Franziska Anneke came now with the daily politics into contact. Mathilde became acquainted with Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels . Also it could attach contacts to George Herwegh and Ferdinand let-letting let-leaving. Over first she became acquainted with also the May beetle federation . The Annekes was closely friendly with Moses Hess, which should become later the father of the political Zionismus.

As 3. July 1848 Fritz Anneke was arrested, created Mathilde in Cologne the new Kölni newspaper (first expenditure to 10. September) which however soon the censorship to the victim fell. Mathilde Franziska tried it under the camouflaging title woman Mrs. (first expenditure to 27. September) to continue, but also this had to stop their appearance after the third expenditure. When Karl Marx was expelled 1849 from Cologne, and its new Rheini newspaper was forbidden, recommended it in its last expenditure to its readers the reading of the Anneke publication.

This is the more remarkably, there Mathilde Franziska 21. July 1848 the common son Fritz to the world brought. To 23. December 1848 was acquitted their married man during an look up-exciting process in Berlin.

Ordonnanzoffizierin in the realm condition fights in the Pfalz and in bathing 1849

during the realm condition fights 1849 in the Pfalz and in bathing befehligte Fritz Anneke the artillery of the Pfälzi people resistance, a troop of approximately 1200 men. Aide of Anneke was young Carl Schurz. A time witness (e.g. Schurz) reported agreeing admiringly of Annekes of pretty wife, who stood for its man as Ordonanz and a courier to the side. Over its experiences in the of Baden pfälzischen campaign it published a book later (see below). The Annekes was close to left people military officers such as Gustav Struve, William dear farmhand and Friedrich Engels , and together with these by the revolutionary government of Baden was briefly arrested, since they rejected a compromise with moving forward Prussia (the former Prussian officer Anneke would have been executed because of betrayal). As to 23. Restcorroded it took , fled July 1849 Prussian troops the fortress the married couple over Strasbourg (where they found with her old Cologne friend Moses Hess Unterschlupf) into Switzerland. When they started in the October of the same yearly of Le Havre out in the American exile, they were accompanied by many Achtundvierzigern.

Frauenrechtlerin, head mistress and Aktivistin against the slavery (the USA, 1849-1884)

in November 1849 landed them in New York. In March 1850 the married couple Anneke in Milwaukee established itself . With lectures on the German policy and German literature they earned themselves their living costs. Besides Mathilde Franziska correspondent for German newspapers in the USA and Germany became. To 20. August 1850 was born its son Percy Shelley Anneke.

1851 get Mathilde Franziska their nut/mother together with her two sisters Johanna and Maria to itself after Milwaukee. At the 1. April 1852 appears the first expenditure of their German-language woman wife in Milwaukee. This was whole a radical sheet in the service of the equal rights. With this publication Hohn and mockery harvested from almost the entire German-language press. But Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. became. Anthony on it attentively.

In the autumn 1852 a removal took place after new jersey. To 6. December 1853 arose to Mathilde Franziska Anneke for the first time before American woman in accordance with oaths in New York . In this time she got also contact to the American woman's rights movement. Their congress in New York 1853 it held then also one of its flaming speeches against Prohibition, nationalism, Klerikalismus and inequality of the sexes. Very soon it began also to agitate with articles and Kurzgeschichten in German-language media against the slavery and supported the Abolitionisten.

To 5. Decembers 1855 were born the twins Herta and Irla. To 6. March 1858 the children Fritz and Irla at a smallpox epidemic disease died - the father had refused participating with his family in an inoculation. If one knows hygenic conditions of the time, one can understand that nearly already again.

In May 1858 a removal takes place back after Milwaukee. Exactly one year after left Fritz Anneke to Europe. To 21. June 1860 followed it its wife, in the meantime with difficulty liver-ill, into Switzerland. As to 23. September 1861 Fritz Anneke into the USA returned, separated the married couple, could officially be however never separated. Up to its return to the USA Anneke worked as a lady journalist and supported also Mary Booth with their work.

To July or August 1865 Mathilde Franziska Anneke returned to Milwaukee. Later it created already four weeks together with its friend Cecilia cuts the Milwaukee daughter institute. Cut became late Professorin at the Vassar college and was the cousin of Friedrich cut. This Mädchenschule held its entire instruction in German language and was 18 years in enterprise.

In the December of the same yearly their nut/mother died. 1869 were Anneke one of the co-foundresses that Wisconsin woman suffrage association. For this association it arose on several congresses of the national woman suffrage association and also to its first vice-president was selected.

To 6. December 1872 died Fritz Anneke in Chicago. By an accident in July 1876 their right hand remained, and it had to dictate away to everything. In the following autumn its oldest daughter Fanny died.

To 5. June 1880 arose to Mathilde Franziska for the last time publicly and held a much considered speech at the congress of woman in Milwaukee.

At the age of 67 years Mathilde Franziska Anneke in Milwaukee died. With the ceremonies of the funeral Charles Hermann Boppe gave a moving grave speech. Their grave is in the Milwaukee Forrest Home Cemetery , section 15, block 3, plumb bob 2.

To 10. November 1988 (first edition day) honoured the Federal Post Office in Berlin Mathilda Franziska Anneke with a stamp (Mi827).


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