Mathis Künzler

Mathis Künzler (* 13. June 1978 in Basel) is Swiss actor. He is son of the reformed village minister of Munich stone.

It visited the university for theatres in Zurich and played several theatre roles in Basel and Zurich. In Swiss film success Snow White it played a completely small Nebenrolle as a director.

Since March 2005 it lives in Berlin. At present it plays the main role David of the Seidels in the Telenovela in love with Berlin, which runs on Sat1, beside Alexandra Neldel. Before the attendance of the play school Mathis Künzler made teachings the metal building fitter. It is besides diplomierter Snowboardlehrer. In its youth it played with the recent theatre Basel. Momentarily Mathis oscillates between Switzerland and Berlin back and forth. Privately it is associated actress with a Swiss, also.

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