Matte house Friedrich Chemnitz

matte house Friedrich Chemnitz (* 10. June 1815 in Barmstedt; † 15. March 1870 in Altona) wrote the text for the Schleswig-Holstein in the year 1844 - song Schleswig-Holstein meerumschlungen.

Matthäus Friedrich Chemnitz, zeitgenössisches Portrait
Matte house Friedrich Chemnitz, contemporary Portrait
Gedenkstein in Uetersen
Gedenkstein in Uetersen

Chemnitz became in Barmstedtfifth of 14 children born. Its father was Hilfsprediger. It made its legal state examination in Kiel for 1840 and went afterwards to Schleswig, where it established itself as an lawyer. There it met the conductor Carl God-dear Bell man. Bell man created the melody and Chemnitzsupplied the text to the song. To 24. July 1844 had the song its premiere with the Schleswiger singer celebration. Starting from 1850 he was then an editor that Hamburg messages and from 1851 to 1864 secretary of the Main steam shipping company in peppering castle. Afterwards it was first as Amtsvogt in Uetersen and starting from 1867 as office judges in Altona actively.


the family Chemnitz attached great importance to the fact that its name was loud-faithfully expressed (thus not Kemnitz and not Schemnitz), although the name was originally written Kemnitz and spoken probably in such a way.


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